Iloilo’s Best Street Food: Bibingka


They say that you get to know the culture of a place by their street food. While bibingka is far from the typical street food found in the rest of the Philippine Archipelago, it is widely found in the streets of Iloilo – usually near Jaro Cathedral and Molo Church as well as along the road on the way to Arevalo and Villa.


So, when in Iloilo, be on the lookout for a bibingka vendor. Unlike the typical bibingkas that has a soft spongy texture, the bibingka sold in Iloilo are thin, golden brown on top, and moist on the insides. It is usually sold in brown paper bags (8-10pcs) for Php 20.




To complete the experience, you may want to observe how the vendors bake the goodies. They use make-shift ovens and recycled pans out of used canned goods lined with banana leaves. Some vendors use coconut husks and wood to fire up the “oven,” while others use charcoal. The ingenious way of how they are cooked adds to the experience of actually tasting this delicious native delicacy.




*** Remember, the bibingka is best eaten warm from the oven.

~ by Happy Sole on June 1, 2011.

11 Responses to “Iloilo’s Best Street Food: Bibingka”

  1. wow,I yearn to taste that native bibingka..I usually buy that from the mall and its not conventionally made unlike that of yours in Iloilo.I think the Ingenious way of making it really add magic to the taste of it.I hope you can buy me one there..hehehe.just joking..

    • this is one thing i never forget to eat when i go home to Iloilo. i hope it becomes available in one of the weekend markets here in Manila (just like Vigan emapanada). although im sure it wont be the same, at least the yearning will be eased. even for a little bit. 🙂

  2. I miss bibingka! :S I never really liked the Luzon version of bibingka with the red eggs. *sigh*

  3. I also like bibingka. Lalo na kung mainit pa. Sarap talaga mag-food trip habang nagta-travel. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried Vigan empanada yet. I’ve heard lots of good things about it. I hope I could try it soon 🙂

    • i hope you get to try the Iloilo version.. it’s a little different from what you’re used to but im sure you’ll love it. 🙂

      aside from the Vigan empanada, their bibingka is also a must try.

  4. i have strong roots from iloilo and been there many times but never realized that they have really good bibingkas.

    saw your comment on trekking batulao. you can make it to the peak as long as you have less bag or best yet no bags. just leave your bags at the camp site 8 and you can reach peak 10 with less hassle.

    • you should try them when you go back and visit again.. it’s one of my favorite local delicacy.

      thanks for the tip on batulao! hope to reach it someday.. ang ganda ng scenery sa peak. looks like a must see.

  5. good

  6. When we transfered in iloilo i really wondered what the vendors in front of jaro church are selling. One time, i bought a bag and i thought the presentation is so cute and it’s delicious as well. Since then, i can’t stop craving for it!

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