Must-Have Apps for your trip to Seoul, South Korea



If you are planning to visit Seoul, these free apps will definitely make your trip hassle-free.


1. Jihachul


– Especially useful for us, when we visited Seoul. Lucky for us, most of the tourist spots are along the area of a subway station. The extensive Seoul subway system proved to be easy to navigate, thanks to this app! It also helps that it does not need internet connectivity to operate. Just make sure your phone battery is charged up before you leave your hotel or hostel!

iPhone: Download Jihachul
Android: Download Jihachul


2. Seoul Bus


– Never got to use this app, because we heavily relied on the subway system. But it is still handy in case you end up in an area that is far from a subway station. The downside with this one, is that you need internet connection to access it.

iPhone: Download Seoul Bus
Android: Download Seoul Bus


3. iTour Seoul

itour seoul

– A nice app to read and scan before your actual trip and get to know the different tourist attractions that Seoul has to offer.

iPhone: Download iTour Seoul
Android: Download iTour Seoul


There are other apps available on the internet, but those listed above are the ones that were very helpful all throughout our trip. Very very helpful! Kudos to their developers and enjoy your trip!


Check this out for more apps.


~ by Happy Sole on August 3, 2014.

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