What does “Lagaw” mean?


is a hiligaynon (a dialect spoken in Western Visayas in the Philippines) term, which means:

– Travel (English)
– Lakbay (Filipino)
– Reis (Dutch)
– Spielraum (German)
– Corsa (Italian)
– Curso (Portuguese)
– Recorrido (Spanish)

What is it in your language/dialect?

13 Responses to “What does “Lagaw” mean?”

  1. in Ybanag, lagaw means arrogant, boastful

  2. Put “n” in between the letters of “lagaw” and it would be different. BTW, in Leynete and Samarnon, it’s “lakat.”

  3. In Cagayan de Oro City, it’s “lakaw”. I think CDO is predominantly Cebuano-speaking city. ­čÖé

    • Hi. The Hiligaynon word “Lagaw” which means “Travel” in English = “Suroy” in Cebuano not “Lakaw” which means “Walk”. The Cebuano word “lakaw” is “lakat” in Hiligaynon.

      hiligaynon: “diin ka malagaw?”
      cebuano: “asa ka suroy?”

  4. tamasya (Indonesian) ­čśÇ

    Nice blog…

    I still have no change to tamasya to Philippine ­čśÇ

    Edwin (edwindwianto.wordpress.com)

  5. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my travel blog! Glad to meet another fellow travel enthusiast. I’m also a Hiligaynon, though I’m from Negros Occ. Your tagline with the word “lagaw” really caught my eye. hehehe…

    Great travel photos and posts!

    • Hello! same here.. it’s nice to know someone who speaks the same “language” (literally & figuratively) as I do. i hope i can also explore negros one of these days. See you at the crossroads!

  6. Lagaw lagaw ka haw? Ilongga ka gale? ­čśÇ

  7. Viaje in Chabacano in my hometown Cavite City. Ilongga ka pala Happy Sole, my dad is also, from Pototan.

    • that’s cool! part Ilonggo is still Ilonggo. ­čÖé

      i didnt know that the native dialect in Cavite City is chavacano… something new for today.

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