Suggested Itinerary for Jakarta, Indonesia


Day 1

755pm – flight to Jakarta (4 hours)


Day 2 (Jakarta)

1155am – arrive at Jakarta (Jakarta is 1 hour behind of Manila)
115am – taxi to hotel
155am – arrive at hotel
7am – bfast
8am – busway to Monumen Selamat Datang
845am – photo op at Monumen Selamat Datang
850am – taxi to Sarinah Shopping Mall
9am – exchange peso for rupiah, souvenir shopping, buy lunch
11am – taxi to Monas
1110am – buy admission ticket/s, lunch, wait in line

1252pm – start tour
220pm – walk toward the direction of Musueum Nasional
235pm – tour of Musueum Nasional
405pm – walk toward the direction of
418pm – photo op in front of  Istana Merdeka (Presidential Palace)
430pm – taxi to Old Town
445pm – arrive Old Town
450pm – street food trip
5pm – dinner
645pm – bargain shopping
720pm – taxi to Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum
810pm – malling
845pm – back to the hotel


Day 3 (Taman Mini)

8am – bfast
9am – busway to Taman Mini
930am – arrive Taman Mini
1140am – lunch

310pm – Mini Nonumen Selamat Datang
420pm – busway back to downtown
6pm – dinner
642pm – walk back to the hotel
8pm – freshen up
9pm – taxi to airport
945pm – arrive at airport


Day 4

1225am – flight to Manila (4 hours)
525am – arrive at Manila (Manila is 1 hour ahead of Jakarta)




~ by Happy Sole on July 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Suggested Itinerary for Jakarta, Indonesia”

  1. nice suggested itinerary tour to Jakarta. Eying to visit this destination as well. You’ve been here lately? Can’t wait to read your story.

    • this was a few months ago. the original plan was to head on to jogyakarta, but then my travel buddy backed out. so i decided to just stay and explore the city instead.

      also, i have maxed out on the free space allowed here in wp. one of the reasons (apart from the busy schedule) why the absence of posts lately. sorry about that & thanks for the continued visits! 🙂

  2. Nice IT.. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

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