A Taste of Middle East: Shomal Kebabs & Curries by Hossein


Experience the Middle East through Chef Hossein’s culinary masterpiece at Shomal Kebabs & Curries. There will be a lot of choices. They serve a variety of Persian, Indian and Arabian cuisine. Do not be intimidated by the unfamiliar entries on their menu, as the staff are very friendly and very willing to help.



The restaurant will not disappoint as to its interiors, impressive, just like the desert landscapes. Dressed in Arabian style,  colors of the middle east can be seen all over the place – from the chandelier to the walls to the placemats. Whether you prefer open space or private nooks, there is a place for you.






Whatever you choose from their diverse menu, rest assured, it will be bursting with flavor. The saffron rice will surprise your palate. Even the grilled tomato is very flavorful.








Witnessing the impressive desert landscapes and getting to know its extensive history might be far from your immediate plans, but their delicious food at Shomal will open your world and will intrigue your palate as to what the Middle East has to offer.



Shomal Kebabs and Curries
• Unit 4005 Level 4 Trinoma Mall,
• EDSA North Avenue Quezon City
• (632) 901-5613




* photos taken with an iphone.


~ by Happy Sole on March 3, 2012.

10 Responses to “A Taste of Middle East: Shomal Kebabs & Curries by Hossein”

  1. I’m curious about their prices… but I guess I’d just have to find that out for myself. 😉

    • Chito, i’m ‘predicting’ you will be disappointed with the single orders. Order the platters instead. Their price is reasonable. P1500 for the kebab platter you see in the photo – it includes the saffron & curry rice already. THat’s good for 4 persons.

  2. Wow! The food looks so delicious. I’m really curious about the saffron rice. 😀 Thanks for sharing this pala Happy Sole. Your post is just right on time since I’m going to the Middle East on Saturday. At least I had a quick peek of some of the food I might encounter. 🙂

  3. huwaw! nakakagutom nman!

  4. Thanks Happy Sole! 🙂 I’ll try to blog about it the soonest but laziness gets the best of me, hehe.

  5. Wonderful pictures. Well done!

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