Why I Run: A Gastronomic Tour of the Philippines


Traveling is what I love to do. While I may not be a hearty eater, I love to try a place’s favorite local dish to get a taste of their culture. These taste tests accumulate and I have to work it off somehow. That is why, when I am not travelling, I run.

Here are just some of my favorite from my travels across the country:



1. Iloilo: Batchoy

Aside from spanish colonial churches and mansions, or its pristine beaches, Iloilo boasts of its delectable La Paz Batchoy and Pancit Molo. Get a swiff of the sweet and salty aroma and you might forget your name. Read on how to get to Iloilo, here.



2. Camarines Sur: Laing Pizza

The Bicol Region boasts of its sweet and chili cuisine. Familiarize your tastebuds with food infused with coconut milk with the Laing Pizza at the CWC. Read on how to get to CWC and the Caramoan Islands, here and here.



3. Manila: Steak

While it is perplexing how one can ruin a perfectly good piece of steak, some still do. Better be safe than sorry. Get your fix of meat heaven in the country’s capital.



4. Capiz: Oysters

Have your fill of seafood all year round. After all, Capiz is the seafood capital of the Philippines. It definitely lives up to its name.



5. Bohol: Sea Urchin

Fresh as it can be, Sea Urchins are opened right in front of you at Virgin Island. Eat them raw with vinegar. Read about what you should not miss while in Bohol, here.



6. TagaytayNative Food

Drive along Tagaytay’s main throughfare and you get to travel around the world. Almost every major cuisine is represented. But having maruya or any local native food for that matter with some coffee or tea will bring back sweet childhood memories you thought you already forgot.



7. Batanes: Homemade Pizza

Tourists have been raving about the homey pizza place in the northernmost tip of the country.They say it’s all in the dough, which is freshly made from scratch by the house chef-owner. Read on how to get to Batanes, here.



The Philippines is a beautiful and diverse place. While Malay, Chinese, and Spanish influences can be found in our food, we take pride in the uniquely Filipino flavor in our local dishes. Try us! Just run it off when you get home. That’s what I do. *wink*





~ by Happy Sole on October 23, 2011.

26 Responses to “Why I Run: A Gastronomic Tour of the Philippines”

  1. I’m curious as to what sea urchin tastes like 🙂

  2. we call it swaki. i love eating it as it’s sweet. 😉

  3. I remember my husband was also mesmerized by that pizza when we were in Batanes. As well as the lobsters! 🙂

    • mezmerized talaga ha… 🙂 the simplicity of the place as well as the humility of the chef probably added to the taste of the pizza in Casa Napoli.

  4. And now I’m hungry!! Would love to try Laing Pizza of CamSur. 🙂

  5. I saw some fishermen removing the meat from sea urchins on Virgin Island in Bohol but i didn’t get the courage to try them, now I wish I did 🙂 Laing pizza was surprisingly delicious though 🙂

    • the tindera didn’t give me a chance to think.. she opened one before i had a chance to say anything. hehehe buti nalang mabilis kamay ni Ate coz i got to taste fresh sea urchin(s) at last… hehehe japanese restos serve them, maybe you can try them there OR you can always go home here in the Philippines. 🙂 tenchu for the visit!

  6. hmmnn..I crave so much for oysters..We have lots of that in our hometown too..good thing i can go home this december..Time to eat that healthy seafood..=)

  7. I’d like the pizza and the oysters and the native delicacies. The sea urchin? Eww no way! hehe

  8. Nice! Would love to try the Laing pizza 🙂

  9. ay–yung sea orchin.hahaha.nakita ko yung pic.parang me naramdaman akong sudden pain sa ulo.anu kaya lasa nun?napapa-ewwww ako.sori–hahaha

  10. +1 for the laing pizza! panalo!
    i love laing pesto in cwc too, best tasting pesto ive tried! mura pa!

  11. I’m interested in Laing Pizza as I have not tasted it yet. It seems delicious.

    Well, Batchoy is really best served when you’re Iloilo and I agree it aroma is of the best food I’ve tasted.

    • my friends were not really impressed with the laing pizza, but since i like laing, i liked it. i guess you must like the authentic one to appreciate this fusion. 🙂

      batchoy is my favorite of the bunch. it’s unfortunate that it’s not really adviseable to eat often. malakas sa cholesterol. hehe

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