Come one, Come all. CamSur Water Sports Complex




It’s no wonder why international wakeboarders head to CWC. Here, people do not simply wakeboard. They develop a certain relationship with the water. They don’t even just JUMP.



They FLY,









Been making a lot of splashes? Don’t sweat it. Even professional wakeboarders don’t finish the round sometimes. And they are even the ones making the biggest splash. Just head to the registration office and get listed for a professional massage. Your muscles will thank you big time.




To avoid feeling like an old person after one round of fun, try doing some lapses before taking the reins. It will loosen those muscles you haven’t been using.



Afraid of the water? You could just bask in the sun by playing some ball. Or spend some time people watching.



But don’t let the eyes do all the feasting. Dine or cool down with some San Miguel Beer in the clubhouse or in one of the cabanas. You need all the energy for another round of wakeboarding. Check their menu, here.




Getting There:

From Naga:
Take a jeepney with the signboard “Sabang Port” from the Naga Bus Terminal near SM City (15-20 mins:Php 10). Get off at the jump off point in Pili (just tell the driver beforehand that you are heading to CWC and to drop you off at the jump off point). There are tricycles, single motorcycles, and padyaks willing to take passengers towards the CWC Complex (15 mins:Php 20).

From Sabang Port (jump off point to Caramoan):
Take a jeepney heading to Naga City (approx. 2 hours:Php 80) and get off at the jump off point in Pili (don’t forget to tell the driver to drop you off at the jump off point to CWC). Then take a tricycle towards the CWC Complex (15 mins:Php 20).



Camsur Watersports Complex
Provincial Capitol Complex
Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur
• Contact Number: (054) 4773344 / (054) 4773349
• Fax Number: +63(54) 477-5162
• E-mail:





~ by Happy Sole on October 18, 2011.

22 Responses to “Come one, Come all. CamSur Water Sports Complex”

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  2. Wow this was so serene..Medyo malapit lang to samin hehehe..Kaya pala diadayo eto ng mga artista..Ang ganda.=)

  3. at first i thought i wont enjoy CWC alone. pede pala. masaya din pala. ayus mga capture, sayang wala ako maxado nakita na pro wakeboarders pagpunta ko.

    • i just got lucky … the wakeboarder was so determined to get the perfect form, he did the round so many times. buti nalang he didn’t quit after the first semplang. that gave me oppurtunity to take more shots. hehehe

  4. Great Shots! 🙂 CamSur is also on my list. Would love to experience wakeboarding in CWC and witness the beauty of Caramoan. 🙂

  5. gusto ko puntahan ito.. kelangan ko na ito ilagay sa listahan ko for 2012.

  6. love your action shots, great timing 🙂

  7. amazing photos, congrats for them and also congrats for the Fire Blog Award offered to you by love2type. Good luck and kindest regards.

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  9. Beautiful photography! I love how you captured the action shots followed by ultimate serenity! I would love to visit one day. By the way, I appreciate you dropping by my blog. I love discovering new blogs too. I’ll be dropping by often. 🙂

  10. i like the non-blurry shots… very detailed even the splash of water.

  11. wew! gusto ko toh… like like like!

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