Photographs on the Road from Banaue to Sagada and Back


Sitting on a public utility vehicle for long periods of time is never fun. But when the scenery is as beautiful as the ones from Banaue to Sagada, time flies by fast. You will never notice that 3 hours has already passed.



Get a chance to see the sun shining over the Chico River or slowly rising over the Bay-yo Rice Terraces.








Observe how the clouds slowly kiss the mountains in the afternoon on your way back to Banaue.




There are three ways to get to Sagada. These are 1. the Banaue route (9 hours from Manila to Banaue, 2.45 hours from Banaue to Sagada), 2. the Baguio route (5-6 hours from Manila to Baguio, 6-7 hours from Baguio to Sagada), and 3. the Bontoc route (12 hours from Manila to Bontoc, 45 minutes to Sagada).

Apart from being the least strenous, the Banaue route,  will not only grace you with beautiful roadside scenery, it will also allow you to see the world-renowned Rice Terraces, more particularly the Hungduan and Batad Rice Terraces.

Florida Bus Line has regular trips from Manila direct to Banaue. It leaves Sampaloc, Manila (Lacson St. cor. S. H. Loyola St.) at 9 p.m. From Baguio, KMS Bus Lines and Ohayami Trans leave for Banaue at least twice daily. You can get transportation from Banaue to Bontoc (Emmanuel Bus and Bonbon Bus) then onward to Sagada (jeepney) via public transportation or hire a private vehicle from Banaue direct to Sagada.





~ by Happy Sole on September 9, 2011.

19 Responses to “Photographs on the Road from Banaue to Sagada and Back”

  1. Mahaba-haba man ang byahe, worth it naman sa ganda ng pictures na nakuha mo đŸ˜€ Ang galing! đŸ˜€ Saw some pictures from the previous entries din đŸ˜€ Haven’t been to Banaue and Sagada yet but i can’t wait to finally see it in my own eyes. Salamat sa pag-tease at natetempt akong lumarga bigla =))

  2. wow! nice pics ( clapping my two feet)…sana makakapunta rin ako dyan. hehehhe

  3. katakot ang mga bangin hahaha..saan ang next trip mo?

  4. the photos says it all! ganda!

  5. Spectacular pictures! I agree with others here, its tempting to give a go to visit Banaue right away because of your pictures! I want to see this world-renowned site of our country.

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  7. awesome photographs, really wanna go there!

  8. Ive been there last february, it was captivating. Ang mga gulay napaka sarap, pinikpikan sarap higupin ng sabaw. Peeps, if u have the small budget and lots of time to spend, go to sagada.

  9. great pictures! wanna go there too! just wondering kung kaya ba ng car ang banaue? we have kids kasi and mahirap mag public transpo.

    • I think some people actually bring their own cars to Banaue. Just be careful on the road.. It’s a long trip and the road is sometimes narrow and winding. You have to look out for incoming trucks. Ingat!

  10. hi! tanong lang, pag mag diretso kami from banaue to sagada, mga magkano ang rates nila? thanks!

    • hello! kung madami kayo, it is best to rent a vehicle going there para dre-drecho byahe nyo. that’s what we did. P5700 binayaran namin dati.

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