Playground of the Gods: Bomod-ok Falls


Another popular destination in Sagada that local and foreign visitors flock is the Bomod-ok Falls. But unlike other tourist spot, you will have to endure a long trek before you can get a glimpse of the Big Falls’ magnificence.

The Banga-an trail may be the easiest for its paved trail, but let it be known that the steep ascent on your way back is not your usual walk in the park. Be sure you have enough strength for the hike back.





Do not be disheartened by the 40-50 minute hike. Afterall, you will not only be awarded with a view of the majestic falls at the end of the trail, but also breathtaking views of the Aguid Rice Terraces along the way.



Half-way in the trail is a village called Fidelisan where you need to pay a minimal fee of Php 10 per person for the maintainance of the paved trail. This is also the last village that has provisions like bottled water for sale.



The people of Mt. Province are friendly. Do not be shy and say hello when you meet them along the way.




When swimming in the pool below the falls be careful as the water is very cold and the sudden drop might catch you by surprise. Do not stray far from the edge and look before you step.





It is not uncommon to rain in the afternoon. Do not miss the mist over the terraces. It is an enchanting scene.




Getting there:

There are no direct bus trips to Sagada. There are three routes that visitors can choose from: the Banaue route (9 hours from Manila to Banaue, 2.45 hours from Banaue to Sagada), the Baguio route (6-8 hours from Manila to Baguio, 6-7 hours from Baguio to Sagada), and the Bontoc route (12 hours from Manila to Bontoc, 45 minutes to Sagada).

Florida Bus Line has regular trips from Manila direct to Banaue. It leaves Sampaloc, Manila (Lacson St. cor. S. H. Loyola St.) at 9 p.m. From Baguio, KMS Bus Lines and Ohayami Trans leave for Banaue at least twice daily. Visitors can get transportation from Banaue to Bontoc then onward to Sagada via public transportation or hire a private vehicle from Banaue direct to Sagada.


Tour Guide – Php 600/group of 10 pax or less
Visitor fee at Fidelisan – Php 10/pax

Must Haves …
Guide (you can find them at the Sagada Visitor Center)
Comfortable and light clothing
Durable shoes/slippers (it’s a long walk)
Plastic bag/Ziploc (for your valuables, in case it rains)
Bottled Water

Nice to Have …
Change of clothes (you may want to change [no dressing rooms] or just let your clothes air dry on your back)
Walking stick (for those not good with balance)





~ by Happy Sole on September 1, 2011.

19 Responses to “Playground of the Gods: Bomod-ok Falls”

  1. i love it! you make me want to trek a mountain!

  2. i remember a kid who’s walking along with other tourists. i asked him aside from going down the falls, ano pa ginagawa nya pag may sobra syang oras.
    he answered: “nag-aaral”

    wow, pag may sobrang oras lang. hehe

  3. beautiful! 🙂

  4. hmnn..Very nice view para sa king mga mata..hehehehe..Napaka refreshing ang bumungad sa aking pagbabalik mula sa pamamamhinga ng ilang araw..Sagada I want to go here dahil kay happy sole ang galing manginggit..hehehe

    ang ganda ni Lola.hehehe

  5. Ang ganda talaga ng rice terraces, no wonder it was considered to be the eighth wonder of the world before.. mas maaapreciate mo talaga ang traveling when you get to meet some locals and share stories with them..

    Mas naaalala ko yung memories ng trip pag nakikita ko ung mga pictures ng mga locals na I’ve taken..

    Galing ng shot ng rice terraces! 😀

    • yup, though not as grand as Banaue, maganda din ang terraces nila sa Sagada… you are right, it’s not the same without interaction from the locals. 🙂 thanks!

  6. Really love your photos! I’ve been to Sagada just once during the All Soul’s Day. Balik kaya ako this year? I’m sure there have been a lot of changes already since 2005.

  7. wow almost an hour trek… it must be tiring!

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  9. it was good that you did your hike when the rice paddies were full and it looked like it’s harvest time. any tips on what month it’s best to go there?

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