Six Feet (and more) Under – Spelunking at Sumaging Cave


Six feet not thrilling enough? Try 535 feet or 163 meters down a cold, slippery, and dark cave. Sumaging Cave in Sagada is the ultimate adventure destination in terms of spelunking. It is one of the deepest in terms of vertical range and the fifth longest cave in terms of length in the Philippines. It has trails for neophytes and veteran spelunkers alike.


Be prepared to use every muscle in your body. You will need all limbs free as you descend the almost 90-degree dark cliff. At some point there will be a short rapelling involved.




Halfway into the cave, you will have to make your way on slippery rocks, but the rest of the way the rocks turn to sand paper-like texture that will actually hug your feet and prevent slip. Guides will require you to take your slippers off. Look before you step.






Guano will be all over the place. Expect them on your hands and clothes. Washrooms are available at a store outside the cave (Php 20/wash).  The whole experience will last for approximately 2 hours, while the “cave connection” from Lumiang Cave to Sumaging Cave for 4-5 hours.


Must Haves..
Adveturous Spirit (not for the weak heart and spirit, but definitely open for neophyte and non-spelunkers)
Guide (you can find them at the Sagada Visitor Center)
Change of clothes
Plastic bags/Ziplocs/small backpack (for your valuables)
Small Camera (okay to bring DSLR cameras in Sumaging Cave [only] but will be at your own risk of getting wet or damaged in case you slip, while dangerous to bring to the “Cave Connection” as the water is waist-deep from Lumiang Cave to Sumaging)
Bottled Water

Nice to Have..
Headlamp (guides will be lighting your way with kerosene lamps)
Gloves (to avoid touching on bat guano)
Leggings (to prevent scratches)





~ by Happy Sole on August 26, 2011.

27 Responses to “Six Feet (and more) Under – Spelunking at Sumaging Cave”

  1. We did the cave connection in Sagada and so far it’s still the best caving experience I have had.

  2. gininaw ako ulit as I saw these shots.
    but im amazed nung makita ko ang cave, very magical. =)

  3. i like this.

  4. I did the Cave Connection twice and I’d probably do it again on my next visit. Or climb up Mt. Apacao, if the mood would hit me. 😀

    I love the Sumaguing stretch but hated having to cross chest-deep freezing water. Nangangatog na ko paglabas namin ng cave. Haha!

  5. *open-mouthed* wow! that looks so cool! definitely a must-do!

  6. Thank you for your post Happysole! 🙂 My friend invited me to go to Sagada and your posts are really helpful with regards to planning our itinerary.

    Oh my, bigla akong kinabahan sa post mo na to: water is waist-deep from Lumiang cave to Sumaging. I’m so small at 4’10. 😦 Hope makayanan ko ang pag rappel at pagpasok sa cave even with my short limbs, hehe.

    Take care! ^__^

  7. Oh wow – I am a little bit scared of being in enclosed spaces like this, but I think I could overcome that to see views like this in person! The photos alone are breathtaking – I can hardly imagine what it was like to be there… Was it as amazing as I think it was?


  8. I absolutely love spelunking! When I go back to Sagada, I’ll definitely do the cave-2-cave connection.

  9. pailalim pala ang spelunking dito.. exciting.. ala Sanctum!! (film)

    it’s a totally different experience when you are walking in a cave.. minsan creepy pero mas magrurule ung curiosity mo how such things are made.. incredible talaga.. 🙂

    • kung iisipin mo na pailalim, parang nkakatakot. pero when you’re there, di mo na maiisip ang lalim. i swear. to think we were there on the supposed “judgement day.” hehehe

  10. next time i visit sagada, kelangan ko na talaga pumasok ng caves!!

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  12. maginaw sa loob..
    sobra, ganda ng adventure sa cave nato..
    wala akong pg compare pah. 🙂

  13. Buwis buhay! I can say I survived Sagada challenge after I finished this spelunking cave experience just last October 06. After all the sweat, tiredness, blood, stress, bruises, pain and wounds, the view 6 feet under (is it the exact depth of the Sumaguing?) is worth it! So beautiful rock formations!
    Liked your clear photos. I had difficulty of taking those pic using a point & shoot cam.

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