Expenses for Banaue & Sagada Trip (2011)

      Individual Expense      Group of 2/9  
  Day 1        
    fx to bus terminal 20    
    H20 25    
    bfast 150    
    environmental fee (Banaue) 20    
    environmental fee (Hapao) 10    
    rt transfer going to hapao 278 2500/9  
    guide fee (Hapao) 78 700/9  
    souvenir 150    
    lunch 157    
    dinner 35    
    TOTAL 923    
  Day 2        
    bfast 150    
    environmental fee (Sagada) 20    
    rt transfer going to Sagada and Bomod-ok 634 5700/9  
    guide fee (Sumaguing Cave) 112 1000/9  
    guide fee (Bomod-ok Falls) 67 600/9  
    lunch 45    
    dinner 30    
    H20 30    
    TOTAL 1088    
  Day 3        
    bfast 150    
    entrance fee (Batad view point) 20    
    rt transfer going to batad 278 2500/9  
    walking stick rental fee 10    
    accommodation on twin sharing (3nights) 1200 2400/2  
    room extension 100 200/2  
    lunch 25    
    taxi to home 115    
    TOTAL 1898    
    RT Busfare (Manila-Banaue-Manila) 1000    
    TOTAL (without busfare) 3909    
    TOTAL EXPENSE (in PhP) 4909    



~ by Happy Sole on July 8, 2011.

20 Responses to “Expenses for Banaue & Sagada Trip (2011)”

  1. happy sole wala pa ba dito yung fee for airplane papuntang banaue or sagada?hehehe..

    Galing ka na ba dito? I”l wait for your post..=)

  2. bus lang ba papunta dito?

    • Hello john,

      included na ang round trip bus tickets. by land (bus) palang ang means na papuntang Banaue and/or Sagada. hopefully, magkaroon ng route ang mga airlines papunta dun. we were there last may and eto ang nagastos ko lahat lahat na. 🙂

      thanks for the visit! will post more about the place in the next few days…

  3. hi john, I find your blog very helpful… very few bloggers lang ang maglalagay ng itinerary as detailed as yours… Good job and keep it up… My group is planning to be there sa August… we would want to include Bontoc in our list… you think this is a good route as well.. thanks again..More power!

    • thank you. im glad you found my post useful. Bontoc has very nice sceneries too. we only passed by the town on our way to Sagada from Banaue. But the view of the terraces along the chico river is really beautiful!

      by the way, my name is not John. 🙂

      • opps that was a bloopers!! Sorry happy sole…got so excited with the upcoming trip and got mixed up with the earlier notes above… thanks again… for replying despite my confusion!

      • not a problem! 🙂 hehehe


    • it means round trip transfer. nag-hire kami ng jeep to make transfers easier and faster since we had to squeeze in 3 different places in less than 3 days. you can try to join other groups. i’m sure they would love to share in the costs. good luck and enjoy!

  5. Thanks for posting your expenses here! I am horrible with budgeting myself, but it always helps to see what other people are spending when they travel.


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  7. any insights on the avaiability of decent weed in sagada?? Im not a hippy or anything, I just go everywhere blazed up and I heard sagada is a safe haven with great pot.. with all due respect Id appreciate an honest informative answer..thank you..

    • sorry, i cant help you with your query. it’s probably true that there are hidden plantations in sagada because of frequent news about it, but i didn’t see any when we were there. probably coz i/we weren’t looking for one.

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  9. hi..plan po namin magpunta sagada..ok po ing itinerary nyo..patulong naman po..tnx

  10. wat po suggested lodging house sa sagada?

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