Suggested Itinerary for Banaue & Sagada


Day 1

9pm – bus trip to Banaue



Day 2 (Hapao, Banaue)

6am – arrive at Banaue
615am – buy bus tickets for return trip to Manila
640am – check-in at inn
715am – bfast
815am – off to Hungduan
845am – drop by Native Village Inn & Restaurant to order lunch
940am – register at Hungduan Registration Office
10am – arrive at Hapao Rice Terraces view deck & start of trek towards hot spring
12nn – arrive at Hapao hot spring

1pm – start of trek back
2pm – end of trekking
235pm – lunch at Native Village Inn & Restaurant
330pm – Hiwang Native House Inn
420pm – Banaue Rice Terraces view deck
425pm – souvenir/pasalubong shopping
530pm – dinner



Day 3 (Sagada)

530am – off to Sagada
6am – stop by the vegetable market along the highway
650am – bfast at Bay-yo Rice Terraces view deck
7am – continue with road trip
8am – arrive Sagada
830am – register at Sagada Tourists Info Center
9am – Sumaguing Cave
11am – Ancient Burial Cave
1135am – view Hanging Coffins from the highway
1155am – lunch

1245pm – start trek towards Bomod-ok Falls
155pm – arrive at Bomod-ok Falls, swim
245pm – start of trek back
4pm – end of trekking
5pm – road trip back to Banaue
9-10pm – arrive at Banaue



Day 4 (Batad, Banaue)

6am – off to Batad
715am – Hanging House view deck
740am – arrive at the saddle
810am – bfast
840am – start of trek
1005am – arrive at Batad Rice Terraces view deck
1041am – lunch

1pm – start of road trip back to Banaue
3pm – wash up at the inn
530pm – off to bus terminal
6pm – start of trip back to Manila



Day 5

3am – arrive at Sampaloc bus terminal



~ by Happy Sole on July 2, 2011.

22 Responses to “Suggested Itinerary for Banaue & Sagada”

  1. Oks tong itinerary mo ah, 3 places in one shot. Subukan ko yan pag balik ko ng Sagada =]

  2. nice! sige, will try this when i go 🙂

  3. hi po magkano po lahat total expenses nyo? were planning to go there on July 23…san po pede magstay? hope to hear from you:) thanks!

  4. may tour guide pa ba sa Hugduan or on your own na lang?


    • I think pwede, pero baka you make a wrong turn or take a wrong step, it’s a long way down. Mahirap ma-disgrasya sa isang isolated place. 🙂

  6. Sagada and Banaue are such wonderful places to visit! I also put together a Sagada Itinerary for those with only a weekend to spare. It’s here


  7. thanks for sharing happy sole this helpful itinerary… you’re right, since you’re already in Banaue why not go to Sagada too. I heard a lot of nice comments and travel stories who went to Sagada already.

  8. My goodness! I will most likely need another vacation after this itinerary. 🙂 I did a day trip to Sagada from Banaue once a long time ago. After that I needed to stay longer na just to catch my breath and enjoy the place. This ITI definitely wastes no time and is very cost efficient. Galing!

    • we can’t be wasting vacation leaves, so we planned it this way. it might look hectic, but we actually didn’t feel so haggard after.

      but you are right… Banaue & Sagada are places that one should enjoy and take ones time appreciating. next time… hehehe

  9. hi,plan namin pumunta ng sagada by april..ok po ung itinerary..

  10. thanks for the helpful itinerary Happy Sole. It will surely help us a lot in our trip to Batad-Sagada. God bless!

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