Batanes: 5 Best Places for Photography

Forget everything, but don’t ever forget your camera when visiting Batanes. Although everything that is Batanes is picturesque, you can’t go wrong when it comes to these 5 places.

1. Chamantad-Tinian Viewdeck

Run. Scream. Dance. Sing your heart out.


Chamantad-Tinian, Sabtang, 2010





2. Racuh-a-Payaman (Marlboro Country)

Lie down. Dream.



 Racuh-a-Payaman, 2010



3. Naidi Hills/Rolling Hills

Marvel. Share. Call a love one.




Rolling Hills, 2010


4. Tukon

Pray. Rest. Relax.





5. Chanarian

Be amazed.





6. Sabtang Island




Chavayan, Sabtang Island, 2010




Even with a place this lovely, it pays to be prepared. Always have your camera on hand. You do not want to miss a winning shot, while rummaging through your bag. Don’t think of the rules. Let the creative juices flow and just keep on clicking. You will never go home empty-handed.

~ by Happy Sole on June 24, 2011.

44 Responses to “Batanes: 5 Best Places for Photography”

  1. waaah! ang ganda! i particularly loved that little house by the sea in Tukon. Turns out it’s a hotel na. really need to plan a trip to batanes soon!

  2. I love, love this post. Makes me want to go to beautiful Batanes as soon as possible. (Well, maybe not this monsoon season, hehe)

  3. wow! Batanes! One of my dream destination! Very nice photos and the view is just amazing 😀

  4. Batanes is really a photographer’s paradise! I’m not a photog, I just take pictures, but I want to go to Batanes too. Hopefully Cebu Pac will go there someday. I need a 0 fare so much! haha

    • you will be amazed at its beauty. sana nga magkaroon na ng kalaban ang seair. pero parang ayoko naman sya maging part ng 0 fare. baka masira at mawala ang magic dahil dadami na pupunta dun. 🙂 selfish?

      anyway, hope punta ka pa rin kahit mahal ang plane fare. it’s really something special. worth it ang mahal pa rin na 50% off. hehehe

  5. Batanes will always remind me of somebody. 🙂 Beautiful photos by the way. 🙂

  6. wow.. i’d love to see batanes. but flights is available via SEAIR only and a travel agent informed me that SEAIR is famous for cancelling flights at the last minute. not good news for someone who lives in other islands..

    • that’s a bummer! i guess you’ll just have to choose your date wisely and pray hard.

      we went there on October, but were blessed with sunny weather. although, we thought our flight would be cancelled because it was rainy here in manila. after the one hour delay, the seair crew received confirmation from basco and other provinces it’ll be passing through that it was safe to fly. =) i know, not for the faint of heart. hehehe

  7. I can say nothing but wow..grabe ang ganda talaga sa Batanes..nice shots happy never fail to make every angle of your photos look vivid and beautiful..

  8. beautiful from any perspective. batanes it is. thanks for sharing some of the great spots for photogrpahy.

    i like the lie down and sleep idea.

    • very true! it was actually hard to take a photograph. sa sobrang ganda ng lugar, di mo na alam kung ano kukunan mo. hehehe if that makes sense.

      the place is very conducive for reflection and most importantly, sleeping. 🙂 thank you for leaving a comment!

  9. wow, sobrang ganda.. parang new zealand.. wowwwwwww.. 🙂

  10. Kung sa pagkain, naglalaway ako. No word can describe the beauty of Batanes. One of my dream destinations.

  11. I love the Tukom shots, grabe lahat maganda, photographer’s paradise indeed!

  12. wala akong ibang masabi kundi wow! very picturesque and manghihinayang talaga ako pag di ko bitbit yung camera ko! 😀

    • naku! sakali mangyari na naiwan ko camera ko.. di ko alam kung ano gagawin ko. baka pa-rebook nalang ng flight. hahaha di pwede walang camera. waaah!

  13. Wow. Nakakabilib talaga ang ganda niya! Ganda rin ng sun nung nagpunta kayo woot gusto ko tuloy mag-teleport papunta sa Batanes ngayon LOL 😛

    What month kayo nagpunta? Nasa wishlist ko ang Batanes, but i want to stay there for a week para sulit na sulit 😀 Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Nakaka-inspire pumunta 🙂

    • believe it or not, october kami pumunta pero the sun was up the whole time we were there.

      5d/4n kami and super relaxed. yun na ata ang travel ko na super hindi nagmamadali. meron pa kami siesta time. bakasyon na bakasyon talaga at hindi parang amazing race. hehehe

      mag-book ka na! di ka manghihinayang sa expensive plane fare kapag nkita mo ang kanyang ganda. promise.

  14. nice pics! great shots!you captured the beauty of batanes through your lens 🙂

  15. awsome!!!

  16. this post makes me want to book our Batanes trip right away. beautiful photos!

  17. Is there a possibility that your group will go back to Batanes again? Mind a company? 😉

    • I wish! but there are a lot more ground to cover… read: there’s more of the Philippines to discover. 🙂 sama ka nalang sa ibang lakad if ever. hehehe

  18. Thanks for posting this! Isa actually to sa mga reference blog ko before kami nag-batanes last week =)

  19. Though I haven’t been here, I’ve happy memories of the place, or at least a person I know who’s been to Batanes. 🙂

  20. This post is like calling me to get my ass off and head to Batanes quick!!! I want to go before the year ends.

  21. Thanks for considering our province Batanes…

    Explore, Experience and Enjoy Batanes!
    Satisfaction Exceeds Expectation.

  22. Nice photos of Batanes…inspiring!

  23. nice ……place…huh;

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