Not a travel post



For some reason, Angie’s photo taken in Siem Reap (above) reminds me of a particular shot I took of our boatman in Virgin Island,  Bohol (below).



They wear an almost similar far away expression on their faces and both also have their hands on their legs. Ang nagkaiba lang is that feminine ang pose ni Angie at medyo masculine naman ang kay Manong. I’m not the only one seeing the similarity, am i?




*** The picture of Angelina Jolie was shot for Louis Vuitton, while Manong’s shot can pass for bench. 🙂



~ by Happy Sole on June 19, 2011.

16 Responses to “Not a travel post”

  1. Manong’s pose is quite relax and natural but that of Angelina is rehearsed as if shes goin to entice Brad.hehehe
    anyway I lkie the background of manong’s photo..Very idyllic.
    nice post.

  2. hands down, she’s a goddess!
    for manong, uhm for sure maganda body build nyan. pa-take off ng shirt.. hehe

  3. Hahaha, mas gusto ko si Manong kasi very relaxed lang ang pose nya tsaka mas bongga ang background. 😀

    Si Mang Doro ba to?

  4. mas natural ang background ni manong…if they had your beach instead of the swampy thing for! 😀

    • true that! mas maganda talaga background ni Manong. hehehe (love your own?)

      pero in fairness to Angelina’s photo, they chose Cambodia because it has a personal connection to the actress. Cambodian kasi si Maddox, yung first adopted child nya.

  5. I can see the similarities sa facial expression at sa pose, but i can also see a big difference in terms of their financial standing. Pang-soul searching movie si Manong! 😀

  6. aliw pa rin tong post na toh kahi di masyado travel. hahaha. galing! 😀

  7. oo nga, ang cute!

    Hi happy sole!

  8. ang ganda ng kulay ni manong. sana ganyan din kulay ko. i love both photos and i love this campaign of louis vuitton. Angelina is stunning with Siem Reap and Manong’s rendition in Bohol of travel life is honest and thought provoking. Good job, posting this!

    • thanks jerik… i just had to post it. the photos are almost similar, but then you can also see the differences. isa na dun ang lifestyle nila. 🙂

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