California for Kids: In and Around Los Angeles


Children and kids at heart will enjoy Los Angeles, by visiting the following treasures, without missing the must-dos, like Disneyland and Universal Studios.


1. Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens

A fun place to spend the day. Bring along a picnic, sit under a shady tree, and meet a bunch of animals.




2. Griffith Park & Observatory

A place where science can be fun. A lot of hands-on exhibits. It also doesn’t hurt that it is a great spot to view the Los Angeles skyline and the Hollywood Sign. Read more, here.




3. Aquarium of the Pacific

Experience the Pacific Ocean without getting wet in one of the largest aquariums in the United States. A lot of opportunities for some great animal encounter await you. Read more, here.




4. Disneyland & California Adventure

Who doesn’t want to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse? Besides, the kids won’t allow the idea of not stopping by the “happiest place on earth.”




5. Universal Studios

Hang out with your favorite movie characters in this big movie studio and theme park. There’s something for everyone.




6. Santa Monica Pier

Enjoy the gentle ocean breeze, listen to outdoor music, ride the solar-powered ferris wheel, and best of all, head down to the beach and play in the sand at Santa Monica’s Waterfront. Read more, here.




7. Los Angeles Arboretum

Run. Climb a tree. Roll in grass. Smell a flower. Enjoy the great outdoors.




Travelling with kids is fun and can be a great bonding time. It will not be without problems, but the right attitude will get you through it. Treat it as an adventure and every little mishaps will simply be small obstacles for you and your little ones. Enjoy and take lots of pictures!





~ by Happy Sole on June 16, 2011.

6 Responses to “California for Kids: In and Around Los Angeles”

  1. Sigh, because of time constraints, we were only able to see Santa Monica Pier! But we’ll definitely back, thanks for my multiple entry visa. Wee!

  2. i was just looking at the pictures and i already enjoyed myself.. it would be more enjoyable if it’s live. 🙂

    • you are right, mas maganda talaga kung live. lalo ka mag-eenjoy. hope you get to visit at least one from the list! truly, travel is fun!

  3. Wow, these are my dream places to visit when I was a kid! Hope to stil see them someday prolly with my future kids 🙂

    • that’s a great idea! it’s never too late to make our dreams come true. the experience will be more special too coz you’re with your (future) kids. 🙂 thanks, claire!

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