Walking the Walk at Treñas Boulevard


If you are someone who doesn’t like to skip on their fitness activities even while on the road, there is a place devoted for you and others just like you when in Iloilo City. Head on out to Treñas Boulevard. It sits along the Iloilo River and stretches from Carpenter Bridge in Mandurriao to LaPaz district.




Constructed originally as a bike road or an alternative route to ease vehicular traffic in the city, the boulevard has evolved to become a fitness avenue for walkers, joggers, runners, and the like.  It has also attracted photography enthusiasts — as the promenade makes a great spot for viewing the sunset and the city’s growing skyline.





If adrenaline pumping activity is not your thing, you may to choose to just sit on one of the benches at the newly restored Carpenter Bridge and relax while people watching or waiting for the sunset.





~ by Happy Sole on June 5, 2011.

7 Responses to “Walking the Walk at Treñas Boulevard”

  1. Jogging path with a view! This backdrop can definitely entice me to head out for a run 🙂

    • me too! i would have loved to see the place with all the fitness enthusiasts doing their thing (and maybe run there too) but it’s kind of far from where we live.

  2. wow ang ganda nnamn d2..sa Iloilo pala to?
    ang linis hehehe..like you shots with the shadow..

    • yup, that’s in iloilo. aside from the usual jump shopts, i’ve been into taking shots of my shadow wherever i go lately. 😀 thanks!

  3. Kanami, ah…

  4. Mas nami pa gid na kun makuha na ang mga spag wires, para mas mayo ang view sg new CBD. Kun may kwarta lang ko, sponsoran ko na kag isaylo sa piyak. 😀

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