8 Things you should not miss in Bohol


1. Snorkel or Free Dive in Balicasag

Swim with colorful marine creatures at the Balicasag Marine Sanctuary. You may content yourself with just snorkelling or you may free-dive towards the deep but beautiful abyss of a steep coral wall.



2. Play chase with dolphins

As if enjoying the attention, the dolphins play chase and sometimes do synchronized leaps above the water surface for all to see.



3. Run in Virgin Island

The sand bar is interestingly shaped like a crescent and can stretch to 1 kilometer. During high tide, shallow water partly cover the sand and create a wonderful scenery. 



4. Bask in the Sun in Panglao

With one and a half kilometer stretch of white sand and shallow water to boot, it is ideal for beachcombers and families alike.



5. Eat a Sea Urchin

Considered as a delicacy in some parts of the world, for only Php10-20 a piece and fresh from the ocean, you can try it raw with vinegar. The taste is really not that bad, but as they say, though it may be loved by many, it is also disliked by almost as many.



6. Visit the Philippine Tarsiers

This shy nocturnal animal is about the size of a human fist, making it one of the smallest primate. What makes them extra adorable or weird for some is that it can rotate its head up to 180 degrees. Despite their protection status, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has granted special limited permits for their display for study purposes and for tourists to see them up close.



7. Stand in the middle of the road or do a jump shot in Man-Made Forest

Located along the borders of Loboc and Bilar, the man-made forest spans 2 kilometers. The dense rainforest that line the winding road provide an interesting backdrop for a fun jump shot.



8. Enjoy the breeze in Chocolate Hills

There’s really nothing better to do on top of a hill than to enjoy the fresh breeze on your face. There are over a thousand hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. The hills turn to brown during the dry season, hence the name. You may choose to view them either in Carmen (also called Chocolate Hills Complex) or in Sagbayan (called Sagbayan Peak).



Bohol certainly has more to offer, but the ones listed above are the ones that travellers should place on top of their itineraries. 




*** This list is merely the author’s preference.



~ by Happy Sole on April 27, 2011.

33 Responses to “8 Things you should not miss in Bohol”

  1. Hello, happysole! Naku, sorry ha, may comment ka pala sa blog ko at di ko nasagot agad. Pasensya ka na, I went around my province kasi and I didn’t have access to internet. I don’t have a lappy kasi hehehe. Pasensya na talaga.

    After reading this post, bigla kong na-miss ang Bohol. I went there thrice nung wala pa akong digital camera. Sana makabalik ako dyan at sana soon 😉

    Like ko most yung last pic. Gusto ko yung mga ganyan, emote-emote moment lolz 🙂

    • yung last pic talaga ha… hehehe thanks! i almost decided against posting it. kung pwede lang bumalik balik sa mga napuntahan na na lugar di ba? pero kung may chance, why not!

      • Naku, sinabi mo pa. Kun gpuwede nga lang magbiyahe na lang nang magbiyahe at wag na magtrabaho eh hahaha!

        Posted pala some pics of another Biri rock formation, yung sa Macadlao. Para lalo kang ma-inspire hehehe

      • thanks, i will check it… by the way, i added you to my roll.

  2. nice pics! ehem….:-)

  3. Thanks for the tips about Bohol. I’m really excited about my trip to Bohol in November. The sea urchin is really cheap 🙂

  4. Bohol will always be my 1st love! Ganda ng last pic, 1st time I saw a person sitting on the hill! Parang batanaes!

  5. wow ang ganda..one of the places I want to visit also..i think youve had a great adventure there..
    nice post.

  6. awe man! nangati ako sa sea urchin photo :)) But the under the sea” pic was not less amazing 😀

  7. I want to dive there! The water looks so sensational. Is it expensive?

    • Hi Aleah! sorry.. i cant be much help. i only tried free-diving. If snorkelling and free-dive allows one to see such beautiful site, how much more for diving? Mas maganda siguro to think that Balicasag belong to the Philippines’ top 10 dive sites.

  8. My favorite is the Virgin Island. 😉

  9. Diving or snorkeling at Balicasag is really a must, awesome marine life out there.

  10. thanks for sharing the list. I wanted to visit Bohol.. heard a lot of good reviews about it.

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  13. pwede ba lumapit sa at umakyat sa hills mismo?

  14. […] Fresh as it can be, Sea Urchins are opened right in front of you at Virgin Island. Eat them raw with vinegar. Read about what you should not miss while in Bohol, here. […]

  15. haven’t seen the dolphins yet. everytime i go there, the water’s always rough; they say dolphins come out during calm waters.

    going down to the deep abyss off the sanctuary in balicasag is a must try hehehehe.

  16. Di ko pa nagawan ng blog yung last Bohol trip ko and going back again to Bohol sa wednesday 🙂

    Di ko na try kumain ng sea urchin last time 😛

  17. wow. i just came back from Bohol. i envy the last picture, we thought we will hike on one of the hill, but we just went to the Chocolate Hills Complex.

    • I got you on that last photo, didn’t i? 🙂 That was taken at exactly the same place where you visited – Carmen. We just went under the hand railings, thus the last photo you see here in this entry.

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