A Charming Tagaytay Weekend


Tucked in Tagaytay’s gentle rolling hills are small secret gardens. 

Take your family to one of these charming gardens for a much-needed respite from the chaotic life in the metro. One such place is Nimfa’s – my Mom’s friend. For now, it is only open to family and friends as well as friends of friends, but I’m sure there are others in the area.


enjoy the cool weather in this bahay kubo


relax under the trees on a hammock


The combination of the organic ingredients (picked from their gardens), cool weather, and fresh environment make up for a relaxed and laid-back feeling. (Meals are served as part of the package. You do not need to go out.)


Maruya (banana fritters) and Tarragon Tea for snacks


snacks by the garden


There are several chapels and retreat houses all around the city that are perfect for those seeking solitude.


Little Souls Sisters Convent and Chapel


You may even stay for the night in a chic cottage just like this.


receiving area


sleeping area


more beds for everyone


The place is relaxing, the food is great, and the owners are really nice. I wish we were friends so that I can take you there. 🙂






Php 700/head (special rates for families and big groups)
For an additional Php 300, guests can enjoy a full day access to a Country Club and its facilities which include golf, bowling, swimming, badminton, spa, tennis, billiards and more. Php 250 of the guest fee is consumable.



Hangin Gardens
Tagaytay Bed & Breakfast
• Aimee Escasa
• (046)4834630
• (0919)4373121
• (0922)5391759



*** Wasn’t able to take a picture of the dinner spread. Everyone was digging in. I didn’t want to be left out.



~ by Happy Sole on April 19, 2011.

12 Responses to “A Charming Tagaytay Weekend”

  1. i’m going to Tagaytay today! But i’ll be cooped up in a retreat house too so i dunno if i can explore the area. Next time, if you’re mom’s friend is willing, I hope I can visit and taste that organic food! 🙂

  2. im about to say that the place is familiar, the place pala is owned by your mom’s friend. sosyal! =)

    my sagada trip cost me P5000 all in (plus a sidetrip baguio trip)

    • they got the place at the time when tagaytay was not yet tagaytay. you know what i mean? thanks for the sagada trip tip… now i know that it wont be as expensive going there solo.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring our place in Tagaytay, “Hangin Garden”. The pictures you took are so lovely. Congratulations! Hope to see you and the family again in the near future. Here is the link to our website. http://www.mahangingarden.multiply.com

    • hi Pinky! i didnt know you have a website.. its good that you found your way here in my blog so that others can know how to get in touch with you and make reservations. 🙂 thank you for the delicious food and wonderful company! regards to your nanay & tatay!

  4. wow!! punta kami jan ha! =)
    thanks sa blog.. =)

  5. We had a wonderful time here and we made lasting memories with new found friends who were so warm and caring. To our hosts, our heartfelt thanks for one unforgettable weekend.

  6. Thank you Happy Sole for all the support, we love your happy soul! Hi tito Nonoi, we miss you and thank you very much for the sweet post. Hangin Garden is now on fb. Just search Hangin Garden Tagaytay. You can also text us at 0922 5391759. Happy Easter everyone!

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