Into the Wild in Caramoan


Not long ago, people never heard of Caramoan. The peninsula gained popularity only after local travel shows picked up the name following the season teaser realeased by the reality game show “Survivor” shot in the islands. Since then, it has attracted local and foreign travellers alike.

The ordeal of a 10-hour bus ride from Manila or even just the one-hour plane ride to Naga plus a combination of land and sea travel that last for four hours create an atmosphere of adventure full of possible challenges à la Survivor.

What are you waiting for? Return to the wild in Caramoan..


Day 1

Since travel will eat up most of your first day, the time left is only enough for one or two islands if you were to go island hopping. Opt to go to Gota Village instead. Although you can stop by the village on your island hopping trip, you’d want more time exploring the sorroundings than just taking a quick photo op. Magbabayad ka na rin lang ng Php 300 entrance fee, lubuslubusin mo na.




Day 2

Start the day early and get ready for some island fun! If staying at the town proper (Centro), head to Bikal Port and take a pick on the boat you’ll be taking for the tour. There are a number of boatmen ready to take anyone out into the islands. For the “round trip” tour, which include 9 islands, the rate is Php 3,000. Ask your boatman to approximate the time that you should spend on each stop.  You don’t want to skip on one.




1st stop: Lahos Island



2nd stop: Matukad Island



Hike up the steep cliff to view the secret lagoon and the full glory of Matukad island. There is a lone giant milkfish living at the lagoon. Locals say the enchanted animal cannot and has never been captured on photo. True to form, from the cliff, you can see the fish swimming around the lagoon.





3rd stop: Honongan Cove



Located at the foot of an imposing limestone cliff, Honongan Cove provide a perfect backdrop for a private getaway. As part of the Gota Village Resort, the Php 300 entrance fee applies.



4th stop: Minalahos Island



5th stop: Tagbalinat Island



6th stop: Cotivas Island




7th stop: Manlawi sandbar



Have lunch while wading in clear shallow water. How unique! Don’t save this for last, or else the water will recede and you won’t be able to see the shallow water covering the sandbar.



8th stop: Sabitang Laya in Balibagan Island




9th stop: Mt.Carmel Caglago



Hike up the 524 steps to cap off your day. The view of the sea and the Shrine of the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary will soothe your tired knees.


Day 3

So that the tides don’t command how you are going to touch the shore at Sabang Port, catch the 1st boat trip out of Guijalo Port, which is at 7am. Last trip is at 11am. Not only are you able to avoid the embarassing scene of being carried on the shoulder of a stranger, you can also catch the magnificent sunrise. 



After settling in at your accomodation, head to CWC for another round of fun. Go wakeboarding! Click here for a separate post on CWC.




 Day 4

It’s time to say goodbye to Camarines Sur… and wake up to reality.  If you still haven’t been to this wonderful place, book a flight or catch a bus heading to Naga City now! Note: most islands are not open to the public when the “Survivor” crew and contestants are taping.


Getting There

From Naga City take a taxi from the airport (1.5 hours:Php 1,050) or a jeepney from SM City (approx. 2 hours:Php 90) to Sabang Port.  From Sabang Port you will need to take a boat (2 hours:Php 120) to get to Caramoan (Guijalo Port). Departing schedule to Caramoan starts at 9am. The boats normally can’t properly dock at the port because of low tide, so you will need to transfer to a smaller boat (Php10).  From Guijalo Port in Caramoan,  take a tricycle to your chosen accommodation at the town proper/Centro (30 mins) or in Paniman (45 mins).



Accommodation in Caramoan

Rex Tourist Inn (Php 1200/AC room – good for 5 pax) – read review, here.
– 09198821879

Accommodation in Naga

JOMcKAYL Apartelle (Php 650/AC room – good for 2 pax) – read review, here.
San Sebastian St.
Isarog Ave. Naga City
– 09189255702/09175001601


Manong Ramil Cruel (Php 3000/round trip island hopping tour – for 5 pax)
– 09074351962 




*** Please excuse the picture overload on this post. 🙂 Click here for our itinerary and here for an accounting of our expenses.


~ by Happy Sole on March 19, 2011.

19 Responses to “Into the Wild in Caramoan”

  1. two thumbs up for caramoan adventure! I survived!

  2. […] Its isolation and its distance from “civilization” is the main reason why the international franchises of the reality game show ”Survivor” choose the peninsula as a site for several of their show’s season. It is also for those same reasons that the peninsula has preserved its beauty. Return to the wild and consider the ordeal of a 10-hour bus ride from Manila or even a one-hour plane ride to Naga plus a combination of land and sea travel that last for four hours a challenge à la Survivor. Read more and view pictures of Caramoan, here. […]

  3. Gota village was closed during our trip there 2 years ago because of a filming taking place. I want to trek the shrine and go back to CWC!

    • That’s too bad! Our boatman said in February that the Survivor people are coming back again this March.. so i guess, it’s best to go there after 3-4 months.

  4. Matukad is one of my fave beach in Caramoan. sayang lang at d ko naakyat yung top.

  5. […] Simple and basic accommodation for the no frills kind. For more information on Caramoan, click here. […]

  6. […] JOMcKAYL Apartelle is very convenient for those whose final destination is either CWC, Caramoan or Manila, or for those who are just looking for a place to wash up after one whole day of wakeboarding. For more information on Caramoan, click here. […]

  7. […] Caramoan‘s isolation and beauty made it a favorite location of the international franchises of the reality game show ”Survivor.” Create your own challenges à la Survivor and imagine yourself returning to the wild. Read more … […]

  8. 1st went to Caramoan last Holy Week of 2007. Eeeek, bata pa ko nun. Wala akong malay anong meron sa “caramoan”. So I was super impressed with the island. I never thought there’ll be pristine beaches in Bicol region. Kala ko Mt.Mayon lang. (engot ko lang I know). And at that time, on going pa yung construction ng shrine. Super konti lang ng tourists back then..

    • lucky you! i hope that the local government of caramoan will find balance between tourist influx and environmental preservation. sayang ang ganda if ever mapabayaan nila ito.

  9. ang ganga ng mga shots! nakakamiss tuloy ang caramoan 🙂

  10. hello, this entry was a big help. I got Kuya Ramil’s contact info here and used him when we went there last August. Hands down to Kuya Ramil, they made our trip more worthwhile. Sobrang bait ni Kuya! 🙂

    Haven’t blogged about our trip yet coz I just started my travel blog. I actually made a fan page for Kuya Ramil to help promote him more online in return for his kindness:

    • that’s great! i only wanted to promote Pinas. it’s great that i also got to help the local economy thru Manong Ramil … thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment. will visit yours too. see yah around!

    • that’s great! i only wanted to promote Pinas. it’s great that i also got to help the local economy thru Manong Ramil … thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment. will visit yours too. see yah around!

  11. […] The Bicol Region boasts of its sweet and chili cuisine. Familiarize your tastebuds with food infused with coconut milk with the Laing Pizza at the CWC. Read on how to get to CWC and the Caramoan Islands, here and here. […]

  12. been here pretty nice place

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