Expenses for Caramoan & CWC Trip (2011)

Day 1 Individual Expense Group of 5 pax
Taxi to airport 110
Terminal Fee 200
Taxi from airport to Sabang Port 210 1050
H20 25
Rest Room Fee 5
Boat to Guijalo Port 120
Small boat for transfer 10
Trike from Guijalo Port to Centro 38 140
Lunch (just rice, we brought viand) 10
Trike from inn to Bikal Port 30 150
Trike to/from Gota to Centro 100 500
Gota Entrance Fee 300
Dinner 20
TOTAL 1178
Day 2
Bfast & Packed Lunch 150 750
Trike from Centro to Bikal Port 30 150
Island Hopping Tour 700 3500
Mt. Carmel Guide Tip 20 100
Manlawi Cottage (lunch time) 20 100
Trike to Centro from Bikal Port 30 150
Dinner 50
Inn (2nights) 480 2400
TOTAL 1480
Day 3
Trike from Centro to Guijalo Port 30
Sabtang Port Terminal Fee 5
Boat to Sabtang Port 120
Rest Room Fee 5
Jeep from Sabang Port to Naga Inn 80
Trike to SM Naga 10
Lunch 69
Jeep to CWC 10
Pizza at CWC 40 230
H20 at CWC 30
Jeep from CWC to Naga 10
Jeep to Basilica 8
Jeep from Basilica to SM 8
Souvenir/Pasalubong/Gifts 120
Trike from SM to Inn 10
Inn (1 night) plus extra bedding 290
Day 4
Brunch (just rice, brought canned tuna) 10
Naga Airport Terminal Fee 20
Taxi to office 120
 RT Airfare (Piso Seat Sale) 97.2
TOTAL (without airfare) 3653
TOTAL EXPENSE (in PhP) 3750.2

*** Click here to view pictures and here for our itinerary.


~ by Happy Sole on March 4, 2011.

11 Responses to “Expenses for Caramoan & CWC Trip (2011)”

  1. nakakatulong talaga tong mga IT mo! thanks for sharing! i miss CWC. one hour lang kami sa wakeboard but ansakit sa katawan after! haha. it was a fun experience and I plan to go back! 😀

  2. Love that you list the “things to-do” and expenses on your trips. Will definitely visit your blog more often for me and my friends getaways. Keep it up!

  3. […] Please excuse the picture overload on this post. Click here for our itinerary and here for an accounting of our […]

  4. This page is simple yet it contains everything!

  5. Nice post. Very informative. Btw, my hubby and I are planning to go to Caramoan soon. In order for us to catch the last trip to Guijalo, gusto ko sana mag taxi from naga airport to sabang port kaya lang I read somewhere that it will cost us 1200 to 1500. Then, I saw ur blog. Pls tell me how a taxi can take us from naga to sabang port for a cheap fare. TIA

    • I’m so sorry. I should have provided more background info for each expense. We divided the taxi fare among the five of us. Reading it now, I can’t believe how cheap it was. But we probably just got lucky. P1200 seems to be the standard rate.

  6. ung piso fare, 100 lang talaga?

    • yup! it was that cheap! i had to literally stop myself from booking a lot of trips that time. imagine booking for a trip cheaper than a cup of coffee from SB! those were the days… sana maulit muli. 🙂

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