The Venetian Las Vegas



Inspired by the Italian city of Venice, The Venetian Resort will take you to Italy with its winding canals, singing gondoliers, marble floors, and famous landmarks. Prominent in its design is the recreation of St. Mark’s Companile and the Rialto Bridge.


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Known as the hotel with the largest standard hotel rooms, The Venetian, will impress you from the moment you step inside its private elevators leading to the suites. Only hotel guests are allowed beyond a certain point. (There are guards who check for room keys before you can proceed inside.) The spacious bathroom is furnished with italian marble. The sunken living room has a surprise pull-put bed. The three TV sets (one at the living room, bedroom and another inside the bathroom) will make everyone happy. Other great things about their suites are the egyptian sheets, dvd player, dual-line phones with data port, in-suite fax, copier and printer combos. Oh, and the electric window curtain is quite nice too.






Grand Canal Shoppes

Walk the cobblestone walkways and imagine yourself in William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and/or Othello. To make your experience authentically italian, catch a ride on the gondolas with your own opera singing gondolier after shopping in chic boutiques or watching a show. $16/ride.





You certainly get what you pay for when you stay at The Venetian. Private, classy, with high-quality amenities — you’ll go home with a smile. We did. 🙂






~ by Happy Sole on February 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “The Venetian Las Vegas”

  1. ang ganda ng ceiling! i wish someday I can stay in a posh hotel like that. the interior is so classy nga! *envious* 🙂

    • ung ceiling talaga ang nakita.. hehehe even my 2 year old nephew knew how to appreciate the place. without any prompt from us, he said “wow” only while in The Venetian.

  2. oh WOW! sana maafford ko maka-stay in a hotel like this one day. hay 😦

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