Things to do before going on a trip abroad




Going out of the country for the first time? Here are a few travel essentials before heading to the airport.

1. Make copies of documents. Carry a photocopy of your passport and visa instead of carrying them around. It is also wise if you email yourself copies of your passport, visa, birth certificate and driver’s license in case you lose both the original and copy of your passport. Access to your essential travel documents will just be a click away when the need arises. Too late? Click here for the steps on what to do for when you lost your passport in a foreign country.

2. Enroll your bills online. Take a hassle free vacation by thinking less of the bills you left behind. Having a credit card, although not a necessity, is helpful when traveling abroad. Bills can be taken cared of without you being in the country thanks to auto-debit.

3. Label your memory cards. Aside from being a storage of photos, memory cards are also storage for data. Insert a note in those cards with your essential information such as your name, contact number, and email address. Losing your camera means goodbye to all those vacation photos. Hence, with means to identify and contact you, a good samaritan might return the camera or the memory card back. Already lost it? Click here to read more about this.

If you have more ideas, please take time to leave a comment.


~ by Happy Sole on December 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Things to do before going on a trip abroad”

  1. Tip number one is very essential. I realized my recent passport was missing 2 hours before my flight and had to cancel my flight back to the Philippines. I only had 3 days left too before my tourist visa expires and it takes weeks to get a new passport here in Aus. I crammed finding all the documents needed to get the alternative “travel documents” from the embassy. They gave me all the list of requirements and my world fell apart because I don’t have copies of docs like birth certificate etc with me. I had to call back home and ask them to send the docs to me. Good thing I found my passport later on. But the damage was done. extra charge for rebooking the ticket.

  2. i follow all three! very good post for first time travelers, and even those who have been travelings. it’s best to be prepared. trips abroad are once in a lifetime, better make the most out of it, and less hassle! cheers!

    • true! we don’t want to spoil our vacation. the lesser hassle possible, the better. hehehe next time you go on a trip, can i tag along? kakainggit ka eh. 😀

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