Why pay for the horrendously expensive excess baggage fee when you can pay less?


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As we all know, airlines set a limit to the amount of baggages that we can take with us on an airplane. Generally, they follow the following guidelines as limitations. International flights allow two pieces of baggages weighing no more than 50 lbs each, while domestic flights only allow baggages not exceeeding 15 kgs for check-in. Considering that we Filipinos love to bring home pasalubongs (gifts), those numbers are obviously not much.

Sending luggages as excess baggage is not practical as airlines charge a lot if you exceed the free baggage allowance. Balikbayans usually face this dilemma when they go home to the province and are faced with a different baggage allowance by the domestic airlines.

To minimize on cost, the solution is to send them as “unaccompanied baggage.” This means that you will have to send your luggages as airfreight with the airline at a rate that is way cheaper than paying for the excess. Contact your airline for the exact location of their Cargo Services.

If lucky, your bags could be sent on the same flight that you will be on. This might not always be the case, especially if you deposit your luggage just before your flight. The key is to deposit them much earlier than your own flight. That way, they will be waiting for you at your destination. 

A small detour is all that it takes.


Tip: PAL’s Cargo Service is located just outside the Centennial Terminal, between NAIA Terminal 1 and 2.


~ by Happy Sole on December 16, 2010.

5 Responses to “Why pay for the horrendously expensive excess baggage fee when you can pay less?”

  1. This is always my problem! I couldnt travel light overseas…Recently, it happened to me when I decided to take another local flight just to get my extra luggage from the airport. It is more cheaper for me to book another flight than to pay the fee for my excess luggage. Even my hand carry was not allowed considering that it did not fit in the measuring metal box! Fortunately, the airport has the facility that keep luggages for a minimal fee.

    • interesting how getting another flight was cheaper than paying excess baggage fees.. 😀 you might want to try flying your luggages as “Air Cargo” next time.

  2. Thanks for the tip, it’s another option indeed, although some travelers might be a bit hesitant to part away with their luggages. I guess you could always carry with you the more valuable stuff if you’re worried they might get lost along the way 🙂 on my recent trip the baggage limit was 23kg and my check-in luggage weighed 22.9 kg 🙂 hehehe I made sure to make the most out of the baggage limit, by borrowing our neighbor’s weighing scale.

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