Travel for Free!


“Sayang ang miles” was the dialogue in a commercial ad of a local credit card company years ago. I can’t help but recall those words when I finally was able to redeem a round-trip award ticket for myself. 

So, how did I do it?


Step 1: Enroll to all mileage programs available. I honestly never thought that I would come to the point that I would be redeeming miles. Much more redeeming an award ticket for an international flight. But as far as I can remember, I would always enroll myself to the airlines’ mileage program before buying a ticket. I did not reap the benefits immediately, but receiveing the membership card in the mail was exciting nevertheless.

Step 2: Use Partner Hotels/Services. It was luck when my company sent me for business abroad and belittled us to a partner hotel. It didn’t hurt also when my stay was entended. Three months stay or ninety nights converted to miles was a very great deal. That meant more miles!

Step 3: Fly. Whenever given a chance, choose an airline that flies under the same mileage program.  Sayang ang Miles (Every mile counts).

Step 4: Redeem. I never thought that redeeming my miles would be easy. I redeemed mine in less than 5 minutes. The moment my boss approved my leave, I immediately checked the available low-fare flights online and right then and there redeemed my free tickets. In a few minutes, I received my e-tickets on my email. It was so easy, I was giddy from happiness the rest of the day.


Airlines have different guidelines and/or miles requirement for redemption of an award ticket. In my case with Delta, my 60,000 miles plus $59 (tax) will be flying me to Los Angeles tomorrow. Good luck and see you in the skies!



~ by Happy Sole on December 10, 2010.

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