Expenses for Batanes Trip (2010)

    Individual Expense           Group of 2  
Day 1      
  Taxi to airport 110  
  Terminal Fee 200  
  Tricycle to lodging house 15                         30 
  bfast 45  
  Lunch 17  
  Tricycle  charter (2.5 hours) 184.5                       375
  h20 34  
  Lodging House 200  
  Tricycle charter (2 hours) 150                       300
  Dinner 62  
  TOTAL 1017.5  
Day 2      
  bfast 32  
  Lunch 30  
  Diura Entrance Fee 50  
  cup noodle for driver at honesty café 20  
  Dinner (1/2 cup rice, brought delata) 7.5  
  Tricycle charter (8 hours) 500                     1000
  Lodging House 200  
  TOTAL 839.5  
Day 3      
  Van to Ivana Port 30  
  Boat to Sabtang 50  
  Sabtang Conservation Fee 100  
  Tricycle charter (1/2 day) 500                     1000
  bfast & lunch 250  
  Boat to Ivana 50  
  Jeep to Basco 25  
  Dinner (1/2 cup rice, brought delata) 7.5  
  Lodging House 200  
  TOTAL 1212.5  
Day 4      
  bfast (1/2 cup rice, brought delata) 7.5  
  Lunch (1/2 cup rice, brought delata) 7.5  
  Tricycle charter (2.5 hours) 112.5                       225
  Pasalubong (Gifts) 325  
  Dinner (Pizza) 110                     320/3
  Lodging House 200  
  TOTAL 762.5  
Day 5      
  Tricycle to airport (plus P10 tip) 20                         40
  Taxi to office 110  
  TOTAL 130  
  RT Airfare (with 50% discount) 6927.3  
  TOTAL (without airfare) 3962  
  TOTAL EXPENSE (in PhP) 10889.3  

~ by Happy Sole on December 4, 2010.

15 Responses to “Expenses for Batanes Trip (2010)”

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  2. Van to Ivana Port for 30pesos? how?

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  4. i like that way you present the expenses. thanks for your very informative posts, especially the very detailed itineraries with contact numbers. =)

  5. Gwen, half cup rice? Seriously?! Walang ulam? Buti may lakas ka pa namasyal? 🙂

  6. Hahaha! You should have included your expenses din sa palengke ng baon nyo

  7. great shots of batanes! your iti and costing are very clear! galing! keep it up.

  8. Thank you for this post!:) Going to Batanes next week. Madali bang makahanap ng tricycle from the airport going to Ivatan Lodge?

    • Madali lang po. Madami po nakaparada na tricycle sa airport. Kunin nyo po number ng driver kasi wala po masyado gumagala na tricycle sa town proper nila. Dun ata sila lahat nka-tambay sa airport. hehehe

  9. Salamat sa reply at sa tip.:) another question, may dumadaan bang jeep or van sa ivatan lodge papuntang ivana port?

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