Photo Wednesday: Gates of Heaven

Manila Bay, 2009

Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were
looking through the gates of Heaven.
– John Lubbock 


Baywalk along Manila Bay is a popular place of recreation among Manileños. In the morning, the 2 kilometer stretch is full of people. Runners, joggers, and walkers all share the ample space beside Roxas Boulevard. In the afternoon, the romantics come out and enjoy the world famous Manila Bay sunset. It is said to be one of the most breathtaking sunset in the world. Be sure to check it out when you are in the area. Let your imagination run wild and you might just see the gates of Heaven.



(Photo: Manila Bay, 2009)

~ by Happy Sole on June 16, 2010.

12 Responses to “Photo Wednesday: Gates of Heaven”

  1. Beautiful sunset. And here, I thought Austin was the Sunset Capitol of the world.

    • I think the picture of the sun setting is beautiful and dramatic wherever we are.. I hope to see Austin’s version. thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  2. The picture really is majestic. The picture makes you forget even for an instant the “less picturesque” views you might see if you take pictures of the Bay surroundings.

    • When I came upon the quote for this entry, I thought of the homeless who live around the Manila Bay area. I thought that maybe there’s a subconscious connection as to why they chose Baywalk as their temporary home. Gates of Heaven, if you know what I mean.

  3. Hard to beat a beautiful sunset like that. Very nice picture.

  4. wow, what an amazing capture! especially with the bird caught in the perfect frame. i’ll have to check this out when i’m in manila!

    • Floreta, just be ready to see the other side. The cool breeze and the open space attract not only the runners and the tourists but also the homeless.

  5. I love sunsets, it’s so beautiful that it puts a tear on my eyes. I’ve seen the sunset in Manila bay once but I was a bit late so I wasn’t able to capture it. Your shot is really captivating, with the lone bird flying, it’s raw, it’s real and I love the title and the reason why you chose it. 🙂
    Happy travels!


    • thanks Gael! sometimes, we really don’t need to travel far to be moved by the beauty of nature. but then again, we are in the Philippines. everywhere we go … there is beauty. as my 5 year old niece said of Divisoria, it’s a nice neighborhood without the garbage. hehehehe

  6. Impressive shot

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