Photo Wednesday: Stop and Listen to the Music

NY Street Musician, 2005 


Everyday is always a rush – a routine almost. Everyday, on my way to and from work, I always have earphones plugged in my ears to block the street noise. I tried something different last week, which I intend to practice as often as possible. I tried to appreciate from a different perspective the noise created by the big city. It was empowering. I realized that the world we live in is a large playlist in itself. The honking of vehicles stuck in traffic, the murmurs of people talking, the loud bass of a videoke playing, and the occassional sound of the harmonica or guitar strings played by a blind musician in a street corner somewhere make a certain kind of music.

I share this realization to you. Sure, we may crave to hear our favorite song once in a while, but let’s take off those earphones on our next route and stop and listen to the music for a change. 

Click here and here to sample the music of some “tunnel” musicians.



(Photo: New York, 2005)


~ by Happy Sole on April 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “Photo Wednesday: Stop and Listen to the Music”

  1. i love street musicians. they bring color to the (a) city. it’s a shame you don’t really see that here in the philippines.

    i tend not to have headphones on in the city. i appreciate city sounds and i want to be aware of my surroundings. i actually consider wearing earphones to be dangerous cos you could miss a lot, and not be able to judge potential situations.

    • good for you. sometimes traffic can be unbearable here in Manila that it is automatic on my part to get lost on my portable music. i’m trying though. =)

      and i agree on you about Filipino street musicians. it is indeed a shame considering that practically every Filipino can carry a tune. i wonder what will motivate them to take their music to the streets..

  2. wuhooow.. maybe because it’s just too hot and polluted to stay out in the streets that’s why our musicians don’t opt for it.

    A few months ago I also decided not to use my earphones while walking along the streets. I was able to appreciate people and the area more and can even extend help to people who just might need it. Earphones keep all of us in a bubble, creating isolation, and that is what we definitely don’t want as a community.

  3. right on, Pearl.maybe if more of us have this realization we might create a deeper sense of community with one another.

  4. interesting note…i usually do that to and from work when i was in singapore, i hate hearing gossips (singlish) so i drown myself with ipod songs haha
    never realize how interesting the world can look after really opening to new try to do that

    • it is interesting what we hear and “see” when our perspectives are clear… let me know how the experience is to you. good luck! =)

  5. Positive climate

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