When Balloons Pop

Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago 2005


We release balloons in the sky to symbolize different things. During weddings, to wish the happy couple well. During funerals, to celebrate graduation from life.

What we do not know or refuse to think about but already know, is that the balloons do not simply evaporate into thin air. They eventually pop and fall back to the earth and become litter. The worse that could happen is that when the balloons find themselves in the ocean, animals mistake them for food. 

Balloons are pretty to look at. Heck, even solitary polar bears think they are pretty. They may add a unique touch to an occasion, but be responsible when using them.

Polar bears and whales look much cuter than the colored latex in the sky.



Join us in saving the Philippine Seas, click here.


Save the Philippine Seas!

(Photo: At the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, 2005)


~ by Happy Sole on April 14, 2010.

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