It must be the air


She had been traveling a lot in the past few weeks.  She had just spent 30 minutes in a security line. Just another  uneventful day. She contented herself with her book and listened to her ipod.

She was oblivious to anything else. She took her place in the plane and browsed through the in-flight magazines.

He asked her for the time. He was seated beside  her. She politely answered him and went back to the magazines.

10,000 miles above the ground, she put on her earphones and tried to sleep, but couldn’t. Two in-flight magazines later, he asked for the time again. Then he made small talk. She turned off her ipod, and they talked the rest of the flight.

Three hours later, the plane landed. They walked out of the plane together. He waited on her while she bought souvenirs from the airport giftshop.

He walked her toward her gate and while waiting for their respective flights, they talked for another 2 hours. They exchanged email addresses, but each knew that once they head to their connecting planes, they would forget about each other and move on with their own lives.

Airport hookups are just that. Airport hook ups. Two people looking for companionship, while passing the time before their flights are called or before their planes reach their destinations. If it’s not this, then it must be the air.


~ by Happy Sole on March 8, 2010.

7 Responses to “It must be the air”

  1. Your own love story? ;0

  2. *nostalgia* i find it nice. *grin*

  3. hahaha.. nashock nga ako sa link na ito, parang sa panaginip 🙂

  4. sin-o nka-airport hook-up mo. bing? hehehe

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