Suggested Itinerary for Puerto Princesa – El Nido


Palawan is paradise. The Philippines has 7,107 islands. 1,768 of those can be found in Palawan. That being said, it does not come as a surprise why it is a sanctuary to a diverse variety of flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. Not only that. It is blessed with a majestic landscape that never ceases to astound its visitors. Find out how, here.


Day 1

9am – ETD Manila for Puerto Princesa

10am – ETA Puerto Princesa

1030am – settle down at hotel

11am – lunch

1130am – ETD Puerto Princesa for Honda Bay

1155am – ETA wharf

5pm – ETD Honda Bay for Puerto Princesa

7pm – dinner


Day 2

7am – ETD Puerto Princesa for Underground River

9am – ETA Underground River jump off point

12nn – lunch at the picnic ground

3pm – ETD Underground River for Puerto Princesa

6pm – dinner


Day 3                                                                         

4am – ETD Puerto Princesa for El Nido                              

3pm – ETA El Nido

330pm – settle down at resort                                               

4pm – walking tour of town, falls, caves                            

6pm – dinner                                                              

12mn – lights out


Day 4                                                                         

6am – ETD for island hopping tour (package C)           

5pm – ETD for El Nido town

6pm – dinner                                                              

12mn – lights out       


Day 5                                                                         

9am – ETD El Nido for Puerto Princesa

9pm – ETA Puerto Princesa


Day 6

10am – ETD Puerto Princesa for Manila 

11am – ETA Manila


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