A Taste of Palawan


This trip was truly unforgettable. Contrary to popular belief, to reach Palawan is not that expensive. With the advent of budget airlines and promo fares, everyone can now travel to such beautiful places as Palawan.    

Arrive Puerto Princesa at 9am, 10am at the latest.  After checking in at your hotel, go around town and try local restaurants.  After early lunch, head to Honda Bay. It makes a good day trip, being just 10km north of Puerto Princesa. You can reach the port for Honda Bay by hiring a tricycle. It is much cheaper.    

 There are seven islands in the bay, and you can visit them all by hiring a boat from Santa Lourdes Wharf. A boat will cost about PhP1000. Do not hesitate to explore beyond the perimeter of your boat. Our boatman was kind enough to guide us. That gave us the courage to snorkel further away from the boat. If you have an underwater camera, bring it!    


Snake Island

Snake Island


Mangroves in Snake Island

Mangroves in Snake Island


On your second day, head to the Underground River, or to give it its proper name, St. Paul Subterranean River. It is a little way out of Puerto Princesa – more than two hours north by road and another twenty minutes by boat – but it’s well worth the trip. Contact a local travel agency to arrange this for you. There is not much difference in terms of cost, compared to commuting.    


beach outside the Underground River park

beach outside the Underground River park


the beach

the beach


Besides, the road is a little bit (wink) rough on the body even with a brand new vehicle. After a rough massage (due to the rough road), you will also experience a bit of a shower (thanks to the rough seas during the boat ride). To preserve the park, only a controlled number is allowed in the area for a certain period of time.  So, depending on who registers first, there’s a bit of waiting involved.       

To get to the underground river, you have to pass by this beautiful forest. Watch out for the naughty monkeys.. they tend to catch you off guard with your plastic bags. In fact, your travel agent will warn you against bringing one inside the park. Also look out in the area for its famous resident, large monitor lizards (bayawak). If you go with a group tour, lunch will be served in the park grounds.    


Underground River

Underground River


inside the Underground River

underground (Photo Credit: Christy)


On your third day, take the bus to go to El Nido. This is limestone island country, with spectacular formations rising from the sea everywhere you look. The bus (Eulyn Joy Liner) usually leaves Puerto Princesa at 4am. Get the number of the owner from your hotel or resort.  Call or text for reservation.    

The bus ride takes for about 10hours. 12 hours when mechanical problems occur (which is most likely to happen).  Be prepared to take it rough.     


El Nido

Small Lagoon


El Nido 2

Big Lagoon


To make the most of your island hopping adventure in El Nido, it is adviseable to start it the day after your arrival.  Take package C. It cost about PhP2500 per person. Rest early.  All the lights are turned off at 12mn.  The town electricity is courtesy of a generator.  In this area, almost all houses (whether native or fully cemented) utilize solar energy.               

For your trip back to Puerto Princesa, the bus leaves El Nido at 9am. You will reach Puerto Princesa at around 11pm. Do not forget to inform your hotel of your plans before leaving for El Nido.  Otherwise, they might not let you in when you arrive at an ungodly hour or give your room away to other guests. Transportation from the terminal to your hotel will not be a problem.  Just be prepared to pay the price.  What will normally cost you at PhP7 per person, will cost around PhP50-70.       

 On your last day, go shopping for pasalubongs at the local marketplace.  Recommended: pearls.  Ask around for a legitimate shop.  (Apparently, pearls are much cheaper in Puerto Princesa City than in Coron)     

Palawan is truly unforgettable…    


for more photos, click here.    


Expenses (2008):    

Cebupacific roundtrip to Puerto Princesa (P1 promo): PhP1650
Bus to El Nido: PhP250/one way
Puerto Accomodation: PhP630/night
El Nido Accomodation: PhP300/night
Honda Bay Boat Rental: PhP1000
Honda Bay Mask rental: PhP100/each
Underground River Tour: PhP1300/pax


Rengel Hotel (Puerto Princesa City): 09273141288
Marina Garden resort (El Nido): 0917 624 7722; marinagarden.elnido@gmail.com  http://marinagardenelnido.multiply.com
Eulyn Bus Liner: 09214982299
Underground River Tour: 09285030395  




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