Pasig River Cruise: A Cheap Day Tour


Pasig River: view from Plaza Mexico Station

Pasig River: view from Plaza Mexico Station



Brief Historical Facts    

  • The river is 24 kilometers long from Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay.
  • It has been used for trading by pre-Hispanic traders (one reason why Binondo flourished in the past as well as in the present).
  • Its riverbanks was the inspiration of several masterpieces both by foreign artists as well as talented Filipinos (an example is the song “Mutya ng Pasig” composed by Nicanor Abelardo).
  • The Malacanang Palace (the official residence of the President of the Philippines) is situated along its bank.
  • There are a total of 13 bridges that cross the river.

Where is the best place to start the cruise    

  • Plaza Mexico Station, Intramuros, Manila
  • A 5-minute walk from Manila Cathedral.
  • From Manila Cathedral, walk to the right until you see Jollibee, and then turn left towards the Pasig River.  Follow the riverbank, you will never miss the Plaza Mexico Station.


Plaza Mexico Station

Plaza Mexico Station



What is the schedule of trips 


Boat Schedule
Schedule at the Plaza Mexico Station


Pasig River Ferry Schedule

Photo Credit: Ironwulf



How much    

  • Php 60.00 from Plaza Mexico Station to Pinagbuhatan Station.
  • Php 20.00 flatrate for students.
  • Php 45.00 from Plaza Mexico Station to Guadalupe Station.

How long    

  • Two hours from Plaza Mexico Station to Pinagbuhatan Station.
  • One hour from Plaza Mexico Station to Guadalupe Station.

What to bring    

  • There are no food or drinks for sale on board the ferry, so bring your own or eat something before the trip.
  • Eating is allowed aboard the ferry.

What is the ferry like 



Pasig River Ferry


inside the ferry

inside the ferry


What can I see    

  • Malacañang Palace (if you are coming from Plaza Mexico Station, sit at the left side) (taking photos is prohibited at this point)
  • National Post Office
  • Factories
  • Harsh reality called ‘Poverty’
  • Bridges
  • Makati City Hall
  • Napindan Hydraulic Control Structure


Quezon Bridge

Quezon Bridge



Makati City Hall

Makati City Hall







Napindan Hydraulic Control Structure

Napindan Hydraulic Control Structure



If I want to experience all stations, how do I return to civilization    

  • Do not get off at the last station, which is Pinagbuhatan Station.
  • Ask the ferry staff if you can get off at Kalawaan Station (the second to the last station, and the station where the ferries park).
  • From the Kalawaan Station, go to the highway and take the tricycle to go to the ‘Pasig Market.’  The tricycle ride costs only Php10.00.
  • At the Pasig Market, take the jeepney with the signboard “Crossing Ibabaw” or “Quiapo.”  If you choose to get off at Crossings in Boni, it will cost you Php10.00, and Php23.00 if you choose to get off at Quiapo.


Efforts to Rehabilitate    

  • The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission was established in 1999 to revive the river.
  • Mission: To restore the Pasig River to its Class-C condition by applying bio-eco engineering and attain a sustainable socio-economic development.
  • Vission: “A Pasig River, Clean and Alive, reflecting the country’s noble history and socio-economic progress.”

How can I help 

  • Donate. Piso para sa Pasig: Help clean up the Pasig River just by texting! Type GIVE ILOG and send to 231 for Smart or Talk ‘N’ Text subscribers and to 2366 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers. Every time you text, you are giving life to the Pasig River.
  • Volunteer. Kapit Bisig sa Ilog Pasig: Call them at (02) 416-1911 or (02) 4152272 local 3797 or check their website, here.





~ by Happy Sole on February 18, 2010.

29 Responses to “Pasig River Cruise: A Cheap Day Tour”

  1. Nice, very informative post! I thought the Pasig boats were old and scary. It’s nice to know that they look quite modern and river-worthy..

  2. Happysole, you have very nice photos of the cruise. My wife and I will try it today. Do they already have a connecting link to the Marikina river? That would be nice too. Thanks for the info on your blog.

    • Hi Alex, sorry for not responding promptly. As far as I know, the link to Marikina river is not yet operational. Hope you had an enjoyable cruise! Thank for dropping by ….

  3. My sister and I are planning to check the Pasig River cruise and this is such an informative post. Would you know if it’s also possible to start at the Guadalupe Station and get off at Plaza Mexico Station? 🙂

  4. its very interesting . Very soon i will try my ride to see the beauty of the pasig river. May God bless the project.

  5. very nice. I’ll have a lakwatsa there on feb 14.

  6. that’s nice, ivan. have a great time! thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment. hope to see more of you here. 🙂

  7. You said to get out at Kalawaan Station and then ride a tricycle and a jeep to get back. Could you just ride the ferry back?

    • you can if you take the “cruise” before the ferries last trip back.. we kind of taken the last one on the schedule, so we had no choice but take the other and faster mode of transportation to return home. 🙂

  8. very informative post! is it okay if i made a link to my blog?


    Thank You

  9. im guessing it still is… the closest to makati would probably the Guadalupe Station. Good Luck!

  10. I was just informed today 3/31/11 that this service has been suspended indefinitely. What a bummer!

  11. Good thing you mentioned the MANILA BAY CRUISE. I tried it last Saturday (02 april) with my bf, his sister, and a friend of ours. We boarded the one in MOA its under Prestige cruises.We were rooting for the Sunset but unfortunately it was cloudy that day so we only got a glimpse. Will tell more in my blog, some pics…

    you should try it though..:)

    • that’s great!

      were there a lot of people during the cruise? was the food good? what made you choose Prestige over SunCuises? there’s not much infomation on the internet, so i can’t decide if it’s really value for money. 🙂 what do you think?

      kulit noh? ok, ill just read about it on your blog.

  12. is this really suspended? that’s too bad. I was just thinking of trying it 😦 Anyway, can anyone tell me where exactly is the Guadalupe Station? How do I go there if I’m coming from EDSA-Ortigas Ave? thanks!!!

    • im really not sure how to get there.. there’s a World Heritage Day 2011 Pasig River Cruise tomorrow at 4pm. If you want to join them, the fee is PhP500. You can contact Dorie Soriano of Heritage Conservation Society at 3534494, 5466367, 09178668853, email for reservation.

  13. Yes I would also like to confirm that the ferries are not functioning now. Got the Guadalupe station contact number here ( and yeah they confirmed this news.

    Sayang! Looking forward to trying the ride this weekend 😦

    • thank you for confirming this, Mariane. when you called, did they say why they stopped it? di bale, mag-Manila Bay Cruise ka nalang muna.

  14. That is the trouble with this country, very very often when they have a good thing going for everybody, it will not last long.


    Because some people politicians and their business accomplices had stolen lots of money earlier and the the project was not properly designed to last really long long years.

    Everything done by the government has a life span as short as forgive me the nose in the nose of Filipinos.

    They don’t think in terms of hundreds of years.

    (Signed) Your two cents

  15. What station can we see the Hyrdaulic Structure?

  16. pls check if it is still operating… im going to manila next month and want to try this

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