19 hours in Kansas City, MO


I woke up at 4am.  Showered and headed to the airport at 430am.

5am. Arrived at the Charlottesville Airport.

Checked in without any problem.

6am. I was supposed to be up in the air already.

Everyone was agitated. My companions were worried. They needed to leave right away, or else they would miss their connecting flight to Japan, and hence, Manila.

7am. Still no word from the ground crew of NWA.

There was a line forming. People were on the phone. I got out hoping to get answers from the check-in people. The line was long there too. I got back inside. Went back to our line. I asked the lady in front of us for the number of NWA.

8am. Still on the phone. Still no feedback from NWA ground crew.

The reservation agent on the phone could not get me an earlier flight. I asked if I could have it cancelled instead. She said I would have to ask my travel agent about that. I borrowed my companions laptop to get the number of CheapTickets. Good thing there was free wifi in the airport.  CheapTickets said that a cancellation was not possible, because there were 2 different segments in my flight. I asked if a rebooking was possible. They said it was for NWA to decide. My turn with the NWA ground crew finally came. I was talking on the phone and talking to the crew at the same time.

I let them talk it through. They said: I can have my flight rebooked, but since the flight was not officially cancelled, I will need to pay a rebooking fee. No way! I decided to go ahead with the travel.

I was rerouted to Washington D.C. and put on a 1pm flight.

9am. I waited in line for the taxi to take us to Washington D.C. The taxi finally arrived. But it could not accomodate me anymore. I waited.

930am. I was headed to Reagan International Airport in Washington D.C. I had the taxi all to myself.

Two hours later, I arrived at Reagan International Airport.

1pm. I boarded the plane. It was delayed. Naturally, I arrived late in Minneapolis-St. Paul and missed my connecting flight to Kansas City.

I was put on the next flight, which does not leave till after 2 hours.

730pm. I finally arrived in Kansas City, Missouri. Whew!

1pm the next day. I was headed to the airport to catch my 2pm flight back to Charlottesville, VA. I stayed in the city, for barely 19 hours. Played a little bit in the casino. Ate at a buffet. Slept. Had brunch. Did a little shopping. Shops do not open till 12noon during sundays. What bad luck.

It was my worst travel experience yet. Once is enough. I hope it does not make a repeat ever.


~ by Happy Sole on February 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “19 hours in Kansas City, MO”

  1. too bad..what a misfortune!hope it won’t happen again. ever. hehe =)

  2. […] to a series of unfortunate events (read here), I was left with less than 24 hours to spend in Kansas City, MO. Fortunately, I didn’t have […]

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