New York in a day


view from Belvedere Castle 

Five years ago, someone convinced me to visit New York before I go back to the Philippines. I really was not set on going. Having set foot in America was enough for me. Little did I know that I would be falling in love with the city and will have a chance of coming back. 

The first time (2005) that I visited New York, I stayed for one week. One day of “orientation” and I was on my own for the rest of the week. Some people would think that traveling alone is lonely or even dangerous especially in New York, but from all my travels, the most memorable and most fun were the ones where I traveled by myself. In the case of New York, the danger that came with the territory made it more exciting. So, on my second visit (2009) to New York, I knew where to take my teammates. 

We were training in Charlottesville, Virginia, so weekends were our only free time. New York is so near that it would be a waste not to visit. Our solution: a weekend road trip! 


Touristy spots you should not pass up when you are in New York for just one day: 

1. St. Patrick’s Cathedral
2. Philippine Consulate
3. Rockefeller Center – NBC Studio
4. Time’s Square – Radio City/Broadway
5. Grand Central Terminal
6. Liberty Island – Statue of Liberty
7. Ellis Island
8. Ground Zero
9. Wall Street – New York Stock Exchange
10. Brooklyn Bridge
11. Chinatown
12. Little Italy
13. Empire State Building 


St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Said to be the largest Catholic Church in the United States. Of course, this would not compare in size to our churches here in the Philippines, but keep an open mind. The Philippines is predominantly Catholic, while the U.S. is not. It is impressive nonetheless.  A simple prayer is good to start a day of adventure in the Big Apple. Keep in mind: “Travel with an open mind.” 

 St. Patrick's Cathedral

Philippine Consulate

This was really not in our itinerary, but we walked right into it. So, while in the area why not pass by. “To appreciate home, travel.” 

 Philippine Consulate


Rockefeller Center

A visit of New York is not complete without seeing Radio City and the GE Building, which are both located in the complex. 

 Rockefeller Center


Time’s Square

Times Square is like the “Crossroads of the World,” and has been called as such by some.  It has achieved the status of an iconic world landmark and has become a symbol of New York City.  People flock this major intersection during New Year’s Eve for the countdown. On regular days, you can see the hustle and bustle of people amidst the colorful neon signs. Trivia: there is a zoning ordinances requiring building owners to display illuminated signs in Time’s Square. 

 Time's Square


Grand Central Terminal

Aside from being picturesque, there are several restaurants and fast-food outlets below the main concourse. 


Statue of Liberty

A visit of New York would not be complete without a visit of Liberty Island. The Statue of Liberty was given by the people of France to the United States as a gesture of friendship established between the two countries during the American Revolution. Today, it has become the symbol of freedom and liberty. 

 Statute of Liberty


Ellis Island
Millions passed through the island in the 1800s. It was witness to the immigration boom of Europeans to America. The island used to be the port of entry of people wanting to immigrate into the US. Today, the old facility was transformed into a museum.

 Ellis Museum


Ground Zero
The site of the former World Trade Center has now become a part of tourists itinerary. A memorial is under construction (as of 2009), so there is not much to see. A bit of imagination is necessary.

Wall Street
This is where all the action is… for stocks at least. Most US stock exchanges are headquartered in this neighborhood, including NYSE,  AMEX, and NASDAQ. You always hear them on the news, why not see them for yourself.




Brooklyn Bridge
Another most photographed part of the big city. The bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. This is just one of New York’s many suspension bridges. Hence, a visit to one should not be missed.


Brooklyn Bridge


The largest chinatown in America. It’s our version of Binondo in the Philippines. It is sprawling with restaurants, fruit and fish markets, and souvenir shops. Much like our own Binondo, it is crowded, so do not be surprised. 




Little Italy
Get the feel of Italy in New York. You could go for an Al fresco dining experience or just walk the narrow, cobble-stoned street and immerse yourself with Italian culture. If you forgot to buy a souvenir in Chinatown, there are also a few shops in Little Italy.

Empire State Building
One of my teammates cousin lives in an apartment that has a great view of the New York skyscrapers, so we chose this over the viewing deck of the Empire State. No entrance fee, no long lines, no crowd. Just us and the city. What a great way to end a beautiful day. 


view from a NY apartment rooftop


One week was not enough, more so one day. Making the most out of what time you have is the only way to go. 


for more photos

2004 visit

2009 visit





~ by Happy Sole on December 17, 2009.

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  1. Hope you can upload your multiply photos here. 🙂

  2. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  3. I agree New York visit won’t be complete without seeing the Statue of Liberty… I crave to see NY someday…

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