Another day with Katrina

At 4yo, about to go up in her room and get ready to go to bed, she said to everyone “Don’t forget to turn off the lights. We have to conserve energy.”

When my mom and dad were lining up to go inside the airport terminal, she shouted “Bye mama! Bye papa! I’ll Miss You! See you later!”

When she had the feeling that my mom has had enough of her for the day, she asked my mom “Do you want me to write my name, Mama?” (My mom was teaching her to write her name at that time.)

When my mom took her to her doctor for her regular check-up, the doctor asked her, “What’s your problem Katrina?”.. She replied “My problem is that my mama and papa are going back to the Philippines”.. Also.. “I don’t want to grow up. I will miss my friends. I want to play with them.”

Katrina and Miguel

Impressed by what my brother said to her, she said, “You’re a genius, Uncle Toto. You’re the best.”

My sister was updating me on the phone one day. My sister said, “Katrina asks so many why’s these days.”… at the background, I heard her say, “Don’t tell her.”

One day, she asked my dad, “Papa, if I go to the Philippines, will you take care of me? (hmmm weighing whether to stay in the US with her Mom and Dad, or to go home to the Philippines to be with her grandparents. hehehe)

One day, I called them on the phone, she said, “Auntie Bingbing, why are you calling us again? (I guess she is already noticing my frequent calls to her.)



~ by Happy Sole on January 23, 2009.

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