Too much of a coincidence: Chicago

After a long day of going around the city of Chicago,  my cousin, Krystle, her boyfriend, and I went to watch the Chicago Bulls play hoops against the New York Knicks.  I love to take pictures and I do take a lot of pictures.  That day I was out early. Krystle had an early class so we went to the city together.  So, my camera battery was obviously pretty much drained by the time we went to watch the game.  We tried to look for batteries for sale during half times, but we were out of luck.  The game was pretty exciting! It extended at least twice because the fight was pretty close.  At the end, the Bulls nailed it by 1 point!  The game started at 8 I think and ended at 11pm!  Anyway, we had no battery left (Krys’ camera battery was also drained.)  the game was over, and we still had no souvenir picture.  What I did was…  🙂  I found two guys (probably father and son) who looked like Filipinos.  I was pretty sure they were Filipinos, because I approached the older man and asked him in tagalog if I could borrow his camera battery so that we could take 1 souvenir shot. (desperate times, call for desperate measures!)  At first the son, said that he will just take the picture with his camera and send it to my e-mail.  Luckily, the older man obliged. 

The next day, I went to Sears Tower to wait for my uncle. Sears Tower was our meeting place every time.  After I got through the metal detectors and baggage x-ray machines, one of the security personnel approached me.  It was the old man from the basketball game! What a great coincidence! 🙂  Who would have thought that I would ever see him again!  That was cool.

Krys camera’s last breath:

NBA game

photo credit: Krys


~ by Happy Sole on May 24, 2008.

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