A day with Katrina


Katrina at two

Katrina is my cute & so sweet niece.

At 1 yr. 6 mos., on board a plane bound for Wichita, Kansas during a turbulence…….she said, “We’re gong down!” 🙂 (akala kasi, mag-to-touchdown na ang plane)

At 1yr. 6 mos., in Kansas, under the summer heat, (it has been months since the last rain) ….. she sings, “Rain, rain go away.. come again another day..”

At 2yr. 11mo., on board a plane bound for Iloilo (fresh from her transatlantic flight US-Phil), while waiting for our turn to alight, she invites the other passengers…“Come to my birthday in the Philippines.” (aba! Inimbita ang buong eroplano..)

At 3yr., when a Korean guy bumped my sister’s car,  she said to the man… “You ‘bunggo’ my mom’s car.” (bunggo is an ilonggo/hiligaynon term for bump)

During a subway ride, at 3yr. 6mo., she said to her dad… “Daddy, that girl is fat.” (naku po! Honest na bata.)

At 3yr. 7mo., confused on where her baby brother will come out from, she says to her mom (my sister is 7mo. preggy)“Mommy, is there a door in your tummy?” .. 🙂

At 3 yr.7 mo., she calls her mom’s feet as “Little Fella.”



~ by Happy Sole on May 10, 2008.

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