Rugged Beauty ι Mt. Pinatubo


en route to the crater

en route to the crater


It has been years since the volcano erupted but you can still see its aftermath. This is the reason why tourists, both local and foreigners, keep pouring in. 

If you are up for an adventure, the trek to Mt. Pinatubo is for you.  Otherwise, you will not be able to withstand it. 


Mt. Pinatubo crater

Mt. Pinatubo crater


From Manila, take a Dagupan-bound bus and alight at Capas, Tarlac. The Capas Trail is the easiest route.  From there, your 4×4 jeep will take you to Sta. Juliana, where you will be registered.  From Santa Juliana, you will be taken on a wild, bumpy ride across the dusty expanse of Crow Valley to a campsite. The ride will last for about two hours and the trek is another one hour for amateur trekkers.  


the trail

the trail



Hiring a guide is mandatory. Trekkers are not allowed to go ahead with the trek without them. They know the current safest route to take while trekking.  It is very hot during the summer months since the ashes are reflecting the rays of the sun so bring sun block lotions and proper climbing gears (caps and strap sandals are advised).



sky way

sky way


 Make the trek early morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the noon heat. During the rainy season, roughly from June to about October, climbing is forbidden as the volcanic debris on its slopes and in river channels become deadly avalanches. Bring lots of bottled water. 


Pinatubo Crater Lake

Pinatubo Crater Lake



 After the exhilarating trek, the cool water of the lake will be refreshing on your skin. (But be warned, the water can dry your hair.)  The swim will somehow recharge you for the trek back. 

Going to Mt. Pinatubo is a breathtaking experience, literally and figuratively speaking.  If you yearn for an adventure, go to Mt. Pinatubo while you’re still young.  You’ll regret it if you don’t. 


Rates  (2008): 

Bus fare (one way): Php 118 (ordinary), 185 (aircon) 


4×4 rental                  
Mr. Henry Espiritu
Php 4500 for the whole jeep
Maximum capacity- 6 persons 

Packaged tour           
Ms. Jovi Balbiro
Php 1500 each person
Includes guide fee, packed lunch, registration fee, 4×4 rental 


for more photos: 

Rugged beauty of Pinatubo 






~ by Happy Sole on April 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “Rugged Beauty ι Mt. Pinatubo”

  1. oh, thank you for this post 🙂 my office friends and i are planning to go there. good to note that it takes 1 hour of trekking for the “amateurs” 😛

  2. […] Luzon was showered with ashfall on June of 1991 due to the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.  Mt. Pinatubo is one of many active volcanoes in the Philippines. Its eruption was seen as far as […]

  3. […] Expect dry heat just like the desert. But unlike the desert, Mt. Pinatubo is not barren nor arid and desolate. And unlike Brendan Frasen in The Mummy, there are no mummies here. So, you can freely enjoy the 4×4 ride or hike all the way to the crater of the most destructive volcano eruption back in 1991. Read more … […]

  4. i like! gusto ko punta ditoooooo =S

    • madali lang! you can choose between the easy and difficult route. i think we chose the easy route, but it still took us 45 minutes to get to the crater. hehehe punta na! pero wait for the summer months kasi bawal kapag maulan. delikado. 🙂

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