Dancing with the Rapids in Pagsanjan


Pagsanjan Falls is a great day trip from Manila. It can be reached by taking a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna (Jam Liner Terminal is located at Taft-Buendia, Pasay).  The trip is around 3 hours and may take 4 hours going back depending on the traffic. 


approaching the snack bar

approaching the snack bar


Get off at the terminal in Sta. Cruz.  Across the road from the terminal, you can catch a Pagsanjan bound jeep.  If you have no arrangements with a boatman yet, you can inquire at the town hall or with the jeepney driver themselves for a recommendation.  Chances are, they have a brother or a relative who is a boatman.

The waterfall is reached by fiberglass replicas of native canoes, paddled and pulled up over the rapids in a narrow canyon by local paddlers.


fiber glass bancas

fiber glass bancas


The first part of the trip is over flat water. When the first rapids are reached the boatmen take over using their bare feet and arms to haul the boats up through the rapids.

Half way is a snack bar.  You may opt to have lunch or just snacks in this unique setting in the middle of the jungle.


view from the snack bar

view from the snack bar


It will cost you another P90 to go under the waterfalls.  Don’t pass this up. It is much better than a massage at your favorite spa in the city. After one try, you might want to ask for more. No doubt.


Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls



for more photos, click here. 


Rates (2004)

Bus fare: P125 (one way)

Boat rental: P700 (inclusive of boatman’s take home pay & registration fee, etc)

Boat to falls: P90






~ by Happy Sole on April 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Dancing with the Rapids in Pagsanjan”

  1. Hi gwen, I have been meaning to go to pagsanjan since we were officemates sa rmg, till now di pa nakakapunta =( hopefully i’ll find time, and i’ll probably look into your magic tips sa blog mo pag nagpunta =)

    • i remember that was what we were talking about that’s why we didn’t hear the holduper declare holdup for the first time … oooh that unfaithful day.

  2. haha oo nga enjoy na enjoy tayo sa kakakwento yun pala may baril na sa harap natin =(

  3. […] Enjoy the rapids on your way to Pagsanjan Falls. Unlike Meryl Streep, you won’t need to do the paddling yourself because local professional paddlers are available to take you upstream and against the flow of the tide for a minimal fee. Read more … […]

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