Port of Gold: Puerto Galera


A gold mine for wonderful and exciting snorkeling and diving experience.  In our case, just snorkeling. Budget restrained us to go forward with the diving.   




From Manila, take the Batangas-bound buses to the Batangas City Pier.  At the pier, boat operators abound to offer you regular or special trips directly to either White beach or Sabang beach.   

If you are a party person, White Beach is the place for you.  If you’re coming for the diving, they said Sabang Beach is the place to be.    

We arrived at White Beach in the evening. The upside of arriving late is that room accommodations are cheaper. The downside is that you might not get the place of your choosing. We stayed only for a night at the island.  We spent our first day, boating, snorkeling and sightseeing.   


White Beach


White Beach scene   

Beautiful marine creatures are bountiful in the area. A testimony of the healthy and rich coral environment in Mindoro.   

If diving is not within your league, you can also check out various shallow coral gardens. The corals are literally just a few steps from the shore. Their proximity to the shore do not make them less stunning than those in deeper waters. That makes Mindoro unique from other places I think. Your boatman will know where to take you, or you can also specifically request for it.   

When you’re done swimming, snorkeling or island hopping (which can be done half day), you can explore the island of Mindoro also by land.  Rent a tricycle to go to Tamaraw Falls.    

The 423-foot waterfalls, situated alongside the road, is actually a series of asymmetrical falls, leading to the grand one, dropping to a waterbed below. The cascading waterfalls is a great attraction to passers-by.      


Tamaraw Falls


view from under the bridge


The road leading to and from the falls is picturesque. You will be wanting to stop and take pictures a lot.    


view on the way to Tamaraw Falls


The beaches of Puerto Galera may not compare with the fine white sand of Boracay, but it is a must see if you are beach bum. The diving, on the otherhand, is another matter. It boasts of colorful underwater coral gardens that could take your breath away, may you be a beginner or an experienced diver already.   



for more photos, click here.





~ by Happy Sole on April 6, 2008.

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